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!Chen Taijiquan Xinjia Yilu - Lista

!Chen Taijiquan Xinjia Yilu - Lista

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Published by Danut Tir

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Published by: Danut Tir on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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XINJIA YILU--------------------------------------------------01 Preparation Form02 Buddha's warrior attendantpounds mortar03 Lazily Tying Coat04 Six sealing and four closing05 SINGLE WHIP06 Buddha's warrior attendantpounds mortar07 White crane spreads wings08 Walk obliquely09 First closing10 Wade forward and twist step onboth sides11 Walk obliquely12 Second closing===========================13 Wade forward and twist step onboth sides14 Cover Hands and Strike withArm15 Buddha's warrior attendantpounds mortar16 Striking Down by Twisting BodyObliquely17 Lean with back 18 Green Dragon emerges fromthe water19 Step forward and double-handed push20 Change palms three times21 The fist under the elbow22 Step Back and Whirl Arms onBoth Sides23 Step back and press ellbow24 Middle winding25 The white crane spreads istwings26 Walk obliquely and twist stepon both sides27 Flash the back 28 The fist of covering hand andarm29 Six sealing and four closing30 SINGLE WHIP31 Wave hands32 High pat on horse33 Rub with right foot34 Rub with left foot35 Kick with left heel36 Wade forward and twist step onboth sides37 The punch of hitting the ground38 Turn over body and doubleraise foot39 Beast's head pose40 Tornado foot41 Kick with right heel42 The fist of covering hand andarm43 Small catching and hitting===========================44 Cover head and push mountain45 Change palms three times46 Six sealing and four closing47 SINGLE WHIP48 Forward trick 49 Backward trick 50 Part the wild horse´s mane onboth sides51 Six sealing and four closing52 SINGLE WHIP53 Shake both feet54 The jade girl works on shuttles55 Lazy about tying coat56 Six sealing and four closing57 SINGLE WHIP58 Wave hands59 Shake foot and strecht down60 Stand on one leg on both sides61 Step back and whirl arms onboth sides62 step back and press ellbow63 Middle winding64 The whit crane spreads istwings65 Walk obliquely and twist stepon both sides66 Flash the back 67 The fist of covering hand andarm68 Six sealing and four closing69 SINGLE WHIP70 Wave hands71 High pat on horse===========================72 Cross waving Lotus

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