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SWOT and PEST Analysis Of Walmart

SWOT and PEST Analysis Of Walmart

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SWOT and PEST Analysis of Wal-Mart

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Introduction Wal-Mart is an international store that offers working families with the items they require at prices which are quite competitive. In each of their worldwide markets, they make use of their strengths as a worldwide corporation to meet the regional needs of their consumers, and offer assistance to communities through their corporate social responsibility drives. The PEST (political, economic, social and technological) and SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis of Wal-Mart store forms the basis of this discussion. Strength Wal-Mart is the largest wholesaler in the globe. It was ranked number one in 2011 by Fortune 500, among the largest companies in America (DATAMONITOR, 2011). The wide spread of its operations is exceptional and there is no comparable competitor of such size. It has been increasing its influence in international operations. By it being a market leader, it is capable of replicating its best strategies regularly on an unrivaled scale across the globe. Wal-Mart’s market dominance leads to advantageous terms on everything ranging from the goods on its shelves to stock leases. This competitive advantage has generated its positive economic proceeds and market share advantages. On the other hand, Wal-Mart stores provide a large variety of generally known products. Additionally, it provides personal label retail across a number of categories, which comprise of entertainment, grocery, home wares and apparel. Moreover, its dominant position and the variety of products that it offers permit it to quickly vary its products. This enables it reap the benefits of economies of scale. For instance, by shifting floor space share, Wal-Mart can gain from low-income customers’ growing wish for


consumable staples as an alternative of discretionary items. This sort of flexibility and influence enables it to maintain its marketplace position. Weaknesses Wal-Mart is a big box vendor and runs supercenters which necessitate large area for every new stock. This limits its expansion in urban places where the space available is limited. Studies show that store sales at Wal-Mart in America have reduced for eight repeated quarters due to its market place space limitations and costs. Thus, it has become more crucial for Wal-Mart to come up with a new set up that accommodates its limitations and which is more apt to the urban areas. This is because its competitors like Costco and Tesco are also aiming to come up with new workable setups. Therefore, if they manage to be successful then Wal-Mart will have a competitive disadvantage. Opportunities Wal-Mart has been increasing its existence in a number of developing economies like Mexico, South Africa and Brazil. These economies have been described as some of the fasting growing economies in the globe. By establishing in these places, thus, Wal-Mart is guarantee on increased volume of sales as time progresses. Threats There has been a high increase of employees which indicates a possibility of increase in payroll expense and health care benefit expenses. The labor expenses for corporations in the United States have been increasing as the health care charges and wages rose in the recent times. According to business estimates, health care prices for the US workers are estimated to rise by 8 percent in 2010 and 8.5 percent in 2012. The rise in medical charges continues to outdo inflation and pay rise (Big Lots, 2008).


One of the basic drivers that are likely to cause the rise in medical charges in 2012 is that, employees are worried about losing their positions and possibly their health cover. Thus, they make use of their health care excessively while they still contain it. PEST Analysis for Walmart PEST analysis presents an evaluation of macroeconomic framework that affects a particular industry or firm. Currently, the understanding of continuously changing environment, technology, and competition compels Wal-Mart to think strategically and to decide pretty fast. Its strategic plans take the place of long term plans. Wal-Mart has been at times subjected to political actions and law suits. For instance, it has been subjected to the law suit for gender and racial discrimination. In the economic side of it, the US has its plan to moderate the increase of supercenters in order to leverage capital assets through a plan which is designed to increase returns and sales in U.S. stores. On the part of social analysis, consumers in US who want one stop service go to WalMart as their first choice. Wal-Mart retail uses modern technologies for the core purpose of marketing. This is because in the recent business situations adopting the modern marketing strategies is essential. For instance, reliance on the internet and social media for advertising and selling is vital for the company’s development. Similarly, technology is among the foremost concerns on the agenda of marketing in Wal-Mart as this leads to productivity, creativity, and sustainability. In conclusion, this paper has discussed more about the SWOT and PEST analysis of WalMart Company. Under the SWOT analysis the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats have


been discussed. On the other hand, on the PEST analysis the political, economic, social and technological factors have been discussed.


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