November 13, 2012 For Immediate Release Contact: Elliott B. Nelson, Assistant to the City Manager CROW FLOCK REPORTING The City of Watertown has again contracted with Loomacres Wildlife Management, Warnerville, NY, to perform crow-hazing activities in the City during winter 2012-13. As part of this service, Loomacres Wildlife Management has made available two mechanisms for citizens to provide information on the City’s crow flock. Crow activities may be reported by phone or on-line. Citizens are encouraged to provide the location, estimated size, and dates and times of sightings of the crow flock. Loomacres Wildlife Management will use this information when it begins crow-hazing activities after December 1, 2012. The toll-free phone number to report crow activates within the City of Watertown is 1-800-243-1462. To report crow activities on-line, go to Future releases will be provided to let the public know when crow-hazing activities will begin.

For further information or questions, contact the City Manager’s Office at (315) 785-7730.

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