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Presentation on

Flash ads

Presented by Shrikant Gaikwad

Guided by Prof. Farooque Sir

What is flash ads ?

They are online ads which contain various links to take visitors straight to the website of a firm. The banners are made with the help of Flash technology that adds to the appearance of ads and makes them look extremely attractive thats why they are called as Flash ads or Flash banner ads

Advantages of Flash Ads

Low cost compare to other media Enhances the visual appeal and impact of ad More scope for creativity Animations can be used for getting fast attention & to communicate message effectively It is interactive experience More graphics and text at limited space

Buttons, forms and labels can be added in ads to persuade the viewer to take your desired action. Ads can be replayed as movie or music file is viewed again and again It increases the curiosity of viewer Cross browser compatibility

Limitations of Flash Ads

No. of viewers Reach Internet connection Complicated procedure needs accurate planning & time consuming Flash support (plugins) are needed. Longer loading time of page