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Only in Chicago: Lyrics by Nick Gage (made with some suggestions by listeners of WBEZ 91.


Jeden (Polish for one) Er (Chinese for two) Thalatha (Arabic for three) Quattro (Spanish for four)

It's a turbulent toddlin town That puts cargo on the track O'Leary's cow burned it down And Burnham built it back

There's pork galore and plenty of parks Where the prairie meets the lake It's been called the city that works And the city on the make

Some say its on the take, it's tough, and it's on the go. Told the sky it wasn't high enough And the river which way to flow And these are just a couple reasons why you know You're not in Toronto, or Santiago.

Only in Chicago

Does a big ol bean cause such a scene Only in Chicago Do they dye the river green Only in Chicago Do they call an outlet mall the magnificent mile Only in Chicago Do they take a tamale Put it in a bun Smother it in chili Call it a mother-in-law

Made the worlds first skyscraper And the worlds first Ferris wheel A man made menagerie Of asphalt glass and steel We've got the highest sales tax in the country And a homicide rate to match

The most expensive parking And the most expensive gas

From Juneway terrace way up North On down to 138th Austin boulevard way out West back to the lake From the very first resident Point du Sable

To our present day president Barack Obama

You know you're not in Fargo And it ain't Key Largo.

Only in Chicago Does corruption rival soviet satellite states Only in Chicago If you want a jibarito on your plate Only in Chicago If youre looking for the second largest polish population Only in Chicago If you're looking for a guy that sells ping pong supplies and rents out Uhaul trucks at a reasonable price youre in luck its the Ping Pong Store 1649 W Chicago Avenue.

An epic town of excess Gluttony & booze Be it baseball teams St. Patty parades Airports, seasons or zoos One would only be half the fun In Chicago we do 'em in two's Only in Chicago Only in Chicago Only in Chicago

Only in Chicago