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User manual


SAP Human Resource

1 Maintain Time Data 1.1 Maintain Time Data 2, Work schedule 2.1 Create Work schedule 2.2 Change Work schedule

User manual


SAP Human Resource

2.3 Display Work schedule 3, Attendance 3.1 Create Attendance 3.2 Change Attendance 3.3 Display Attendance 3.4 Creation of Public holiday 3.5 Substitution 4, Absences 4.1 Create Absences 4.2 Change Absences 4.3 Display Absences 5, Absence Quotas 5.1 Create Absences Quotas 5.2 Display of Absence quota details 6, Overtime 6.1 uploading OT 7, Time Evaluation 7.1 Test Run 7.2 Live Run

User manual


SAP Human Resource User manual 4 .

SAP Human Resource 1 Maintain Time Data Transaction code PA30 Select Working Times Tab User manual 5 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 6 .

1. Info Type 0007 Planned Working time User manual 7 .SAP Human Resource 2. Work schedule 2. Create Work schedule To assign a new joined employee.

select create User manual 8 .SAP Human Resource To create or to assign shift to an employee go to Planned Working Time.

SAP Human Resource User manual 9 .

Go to Work Schedule Rule select in the the field Press F4 4.SAP Human Resource 1. you will get the following Work schedule Rules from that. User manual 10 . Provide Start date 2.

SAP Human Resource Select the required Work schedule rule And press ENTER 2 times User manual 11 .

SAP Human Resource For 1st ENTER you will get the above( Enter data for payroll past) messages in the message bar User manual 12 .

User manual 13 . Select Save Icon.SAP Human Resource For 2nd ENTER you will get the above messages(Save your entries) in the Madam messagebar 4.

To view the assigned of Work schedule select Planned working Time Select go to Icon. Select Back to PA30. You will get message. User manual 14 . and 7.SAP Human Resource 5. 6.

SAP Human Resource 2. Change Work schedule To change the any employee existing t Shift to another shift GO to PA30.2. enter the Personnel number and select Infotype 0007 Planned Working Time To Change of Shift select copy Icon User manual 15 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 16 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 17 .

12.SAP Human Resource Start Date: From which Date Employee work schedule is going to change Enter the date: which Date Employee work schedule is going to change If you're not sure about the End date give it as 31.9999 Go to and press F4 to sect the new shift.Give the new Work schedule rule And save User manual 18 .

3. B) PA61 A) Go to PA30 select Planned Work Schedule User manual 19 . Display and Over view Work schedule There are 2 methods to display the Work schedule .SAP Human Resource 2. A) PA30.

SAP Human Resource Select Display Select Next Icon to view the Records one by one User manual 20 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 21 .

SAP Human Resource Select Overview User manual 22 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 23 .

SAP Human Resource Select the a row User manual 24 .

SAP Human Resource Select Change Icon Select User manual 25 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 26 .

SAP Human Resource Select the Required month or week and year in the fields If 1 is marked below any date that’s a Public holiday User manual 27 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 28 .

SAP Human Resource Public Holiday Creation of Public holiday In case of any unexpected situation need to create a holiday apart from the holiday calendar. Get the authorisation from SAP Server maintenance to create public holiday Go to SCAL Transaction code User manual 29 .

SAP Human Resource Enter User manual 30 .

SAP Human Resource Select change Icon User manual 31 .

SAP Human Resource Select Create User manual 32 .

SAP Human Resource Press Enter and Save Day: Give the Date in Day filed 10 Month: And Month num in Month Filed 12 Say create User manual 33 .

SAP Human Resource Next come back Select Holiday Calendar Select Change User manual 34 .

P5. P2. P4.SAP Human Resource Possible Search Options P1. G1 User manual 35 . P3.

G1Calendars in that list Select any required Holiday Calendar P1 to P6 Double click on that User manual 36 . P5.SAP Human Resource You will find all the Holiday calendars to find our P1. P2. P4. P3.

SAP Human Resource Select To assign new holiday to LECS holiday calendar User manual 37 .

SAP Human Resource Select Find Give the Sorting Key P1h User manual 38 .

SAP Human Resource Check mark the required Holiday in the displayed list User manual 39 .

SAP Human Resource Select User manual 40 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 41 .

SAP Human Resource Select Save Select YES Goto PT01 Transition Code User manual 42 .

SAP Human Resource PT02 User manual 43 .

3 Personnel Sub area group 04 is for Plant Personnel Sub area group 05 is for Plant5 User manual 44 .2.P4.SAP Human Resource Employee group 2 Holiday calendar P1.P3.P5.P2.G1 Personnel Sub area group 40 is for Plant 1.

SAP Human Resource Personnel Sub area group 06 is for Plant6 Personnel Sub area group 20 is for Plant Gearock Work schedule rule : press F4 Plant1 Plant2 User manual 45 .

SAP Human Resource Plant3 Plant4 User manual 46 .

SAP Human Resource Plant5 User manual 47 .

SAP Human Resource Plant6 Select one works schedule Enter one by one Work schedule and generate by selecting Change Tab And enter the fields Month year from : To: User manual 48 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 49 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 50 .

SAP Human Resource Double click on newly inserted Holiday And save Newly inserted Holiday Now u can able to find your new Holiday by identifying the Num 1 under your defined date for Holiday As January 25 date in the above Screen shot User manual 51 .

1. Create Attendance A) For staff create only Comp off Attendances B) For Workers assign Daily Attendance User manual 52 .SAP Human Resource Note: Generate the work schedule when in inserted any new holiday Enter month of holiday which you have created and enter the same month num in period period block Calendar month from To Field 3. Attendance 3.

SAP Human Resource 1) To create COFF attendance for Staff individually got to PA61 Info type 2002: Attendance and sub type as COFF User manual 53 .

SAP Human Resource 2) To create COFF attendance for Staff in many number got to PA71 User manual 54 .

SAP Human Resource Select Create. User manual 55 .

3 Fig .3 Type COFF Starting time 16:30 Ending time 18:00 Starting date 04.01. Save the Excel as in the 2.01.2008 Note: Do not enter regular attendance to Staff Enter only Comp off Attendances User manual 56 .SAP Human Resource Maintain the comp off Attendance in Excel and copy and paste in the following screen. Personnel num 84002 Fig2.2008 Ending Date 04.

SAP Human Resource User manual 57 .

SAP Human Resource B) For Workers assign Daily Attendance Swipe/Punch IN (P10) and Swipe/Punch OUT (P20) Is saved in info type 2011(Time Events) User manual 58 .

SAP Human Resource Go to Transaction code ZSWIPE User manual 59 .

SAP Human Resource Enter The Payroll Area User manual 60 .

SAP Human Resource Copy the Personnel Numbers from Excel and Select paste Icon Next Execute it ( F8) Save the Punch Time data in the file SWIPE at C drive Note: 1. 2. and up load the data in SAP Weekly. User manual 61 . Up load the Swipe/ punch IN and OUT data minimum day after. Ensure at the time of uploading the Swipe/ punch IN and OUT in to SAP The Employee number should not used in any of the systems.

SAP Human Resource Day assignment + for all shift except Night shift Swipe/Punch OUT is - User manual 62 .

SAP Human Resource

User manual


SAP Human Resource

4, Absences

User manual


SAP Human Resource

1a)To create absence for single employee Goto PA30 1b)To create absence for Multiple employees got o PA71 1a

User manual


SAP Human Resource Info type 2001 and sub type User manual 66 .

SAP Human Resource For staff Absences Sub types For Workers CL :Casual Absence EL :Earned Leave LOP: Loss of Pay SL : Sick Leave EL: Earned Leave SOFF: Staff Comp Off SP: Special Leave LOP: Loss of Pay Select Create Unpaid Leaves: LOP: Loss of Pay For Full day Icon User manual 67 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 68 .

SAP Human Resource For Half day User manual 69 .

SAP Human Resource enter to and end time Save User manual 70 .

SAP Human Resource 1b)To create absence for Multiple employees goto Transaction codePA71 Press enter User manual 71 .

SAP Human Resource Select Create User manual 72 .

SAP Human Resource Enter the Fields Personnel num =Employee num Type = Absence sub type Start and End Time: Enter the Absence time if its full day don’t enter time Date Enter the from to Date Press Enter and Save User manual 73 .

Change.SAP Human Resource Absence Quotas Maintenance of Absence Quota: Création. User manual 74 . Display Infotype 2006 To create Absence quotas for new joining or Leave entitlement in the Starting of every the year.

Workers i) Go to PT_QTA00 (PT_QTA Double Zero) Transaction code Press Enter. PT_QTA00 User manual 75 .SAP Human Resource Generate the Quota Separetely for Staff.

SAP Human Resource ii) Enter the Current Calendar year period starting and Ending User manual 76 .

SAP Human Resource For only one employee enter Employee number in For many number of employees quota generation select Copy the All staff / worker employee numbers and select paste Copy the Employee num in the Single Value field User manual 77 .

SAP Human Resource iii) Select and F8 (or) select icon Next come back F3 and select yes User manual 78 .

SAP Human Resource iV) Select and V) Execute F8 (or) select icon Observe the in the message bar User manual 79 .

SAP Human Resource Note: 1. Ensure at the time of generating the quotas the Employee number should not used in any of the systems. TO Display thé available Quota balance for single employee go to PA30 User manual 80 .

1) At employee level 2) Multiple numbers and Organization Level User manual 81 . Remaining.SAP Human Resource Display for one Absence Quota To display the Entitlement (availability). Used.

SAP Human Resource Enter Info type 2006 Selcet the required Absence quota type in STy CL. SL. EL. SP. User manual 82 .

SAP Human Resource Display for All Absence quota Select Over view User manual 83 .

SAP Human Resource User manual 84 .

SAP Human Resource PT_QTA10. T-code and Enter User manual 85 .

SAP Human Resource

User manual


SAP Human Resource

5.2, Display of Absence Quota details To display the Entitlement (availability), Used, Remaining, And compensated Absences in a given period for the selected Quota type at The employee level and Organisation level. A)Enter your selected period, Employee numbers and quotas At employee level

B) To display all Employees Absence quota report enter all employee numbers in multiple selection view and enter the required personnel numbers.

User manual


SAP Human Resource

At Organisation level see the total in the following

7, Time Evaluation Time Evaluation is the final process of time management. Maintain all the personnel numbers Staff and workers separately in excel sheet Evaluate Staff and Workers separately

User manual


SAP Human Resource Transaction code is PT60 Enter User manual 89 .

SAP Human Resource Select User manual 90 .

SAP Human Resource Copy all the numbers and paste it User manual 91 .

SAP Human Resource Use 1111 for the staff Evaluation Use 1111 for the Workers Don’t enter in the following fields Provide the End date of Up loaded Time data (Swipe /Punch In and Out) First use check mark Test run User manual 92 .

separately in Excel. Use ZM01 for Time Evaluation the for that period .SAP Human Resource Select or press F8 Selected Personnel numbers and Success full runs should be same in the log If there are no errors you can continue for Live run as in the following Remove check mark at Test run for live run Note: 1. 2. User manual 93 . If any changes made after Time Evaluation do the Time Evaluation again. Maintain the Employee numbers who are not using the Canteen. All the changes in Attendance and absence should made before the Time Evaluation Process.

SAP Human Resource 3. if there is absence and attendance is the same day Maintain the timings correctly. Select F8 or icon User manual 94 . 4. Ensure Swipe / Punch in or out is not missing.

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