INTRODUCTION  Speaking and listening are vital parts in effective communication Listening means giving them full attention and understanding them.  .


 .LISTENING PROCESS  Listening process the listener understand and analyses the messages Listening is a process involving five related activities.

LISTENING PROCESS Sensing Interpreting Evaluating Remembering Responding .

.impaired hearing or in attention. The concentration can be blocked by interfering noises . one must take notes or make mental out line of the speakers key points. To retain what one hears.  Responding Acknowledging the message by reacting to the speaker in some fashion.  Interpreting Decoding and absorbing what hears the speakers and he must try to determine what the speaker really means   Evaluating Forming an opinion about the message Remembering Storing a message for future reference.LISTENING PROCESS  Sensing Physically hearing the message and taking note of it.

OBJECTIVES OF LISTENING  To gain information        To get feedback To participate in another's story To hear of their experiences and insights To be in control To broaden our horizon To create a relationship To respect and value others .

PROBLEMS OF LISTENING       Noise Distractions of mind Lack of motivation Lengthy message Lack of training Problem of hearing .

PRINCIPALS OF LISTENING           Stop talking Easy approach Show desire to listen Remove distraction Empathize with the speaker Be patient Keep the temper Postpone judgment Ask questions Stop talking .

BENEFITS OF LISTENING          Listening reduces tension Listening helps learning Listening can win friends Listening may solve the problem for the other person Listening stimulates the speaker Listening leads to better work and cooperation from others Listening helps you to take better decisions Listening increase your enjoyment Listening gives you time to think .

. Without listening communication process not complete.CONCLUSION Listening is most important element of communication process. It means giving them our full attention and understanding them.

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