I. Working Title: Elementary Electronic Enrolment System II. Researchers: Albert T. Velasco Jr. Chlojane G. Gumayao Ariel Dexie C.

Manahan Juan Antonio B. Sumbalan III. Rationale Bukidnon State University Elementary School Laboratory (ESL) encountered several problems during enrolment time. Just like any other elementary schools these problems focus on the slow paced or unsystematic procedure of following the steps in the payments of fees, pupils’ information records and distribution of books upon enrolment. That is why a proposed automated enrolment system will be developed to help solve the problem. IV. Legal Basis The proposed system for the Bukidnon State University – ESL could also manage file management, said Linda Umbdenstock, LBCC’s administrative dean of planning in a prepared statement. “The solution dramatically reduced the amount of time to process, Consolidate and implement forecasts. It provided real-time service cost and expense planning per semester."

V. Historical Setting During the previous years, the BSU-ESL always has been using the manual enrolment process together managing the records of payment and books distribution.

VI. Statement of Objectives This study aims to develop an automated enrolment system as a program to make enrolment in the BSU ESL systematic and accurate. Objectives of the study are to: 1) design and develop an automated enrolment program for the teachers and 2) to test the program for improvement if needed and 3) to revise the automated program for final implementation. Specifically, the objective of the study is to answer the following problems: 1. What are the most appropriate solutions of the problems encountered by the elementary teachers in terms of: a) unsystematic procedure of following the steps in the payments of fees, b) pupils’ information records and c) distribution of books upon enrolment?

We find it unsystematic and difficult in managing their records without automation. . Preview of the whole study We have seen the BSU-ESL faculty in the process of their enrolment. 1.1 Statement of Assumptions There are several activities that the proponents assumed in the development of the proposed system and these are the following: 1. How the automated enrolment program is be designed and developed? 3. How the automated program is be tested and revised to its final form? VII.4 The institution is willing to cooperate with the system requirements needed by the proponents.5 The institution is very much willing to adopt the proposed system. 3. 1.2 Users are computer literate. 1.2.3 No major changes in the school policies regarding the procedure on enrolment will take place during the course of the study.

Scope. it will act as the database for the system. but will only focus on the Elementary School Laboratory (ESL). As to benefit the students. A core 2-dou processor or higher desktop to act as the server. Delimitation and Limitation Our study was conducted to improve the enrolment system of the Bukidnon State University. MYSQL will be used for faster and maintainable program in connection to PHP. A router to establish a network connection in order to access the server from different units within the area. . The study will cover within 1 school year equivalent to 9 months. PHP is used as the programming language in order to manipulate the program within the network. The study will require the following software and hardware in order proceed in the study. parents and the faculties.

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