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Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog

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Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras

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submit this story Mudras or hand positions that encourage a specific flow of energy are used to help balance the seven chakras. The following mudras are the simplest, most universally known and most effective for encouraging the opening and balancing of each chakra. They can be used during meditation or as part of any chakra healing technique.

Mudras for Each Chakra

Pran Mudra for the Root Chakra



Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog

Touch the tips of your thumb, ring finger and pinky finger together, or you can rest the thumb over the latter two fingers. Extend your middle and index fingers. Rest both hands either in your lap, at your sides, incorporate them into a standing meditation pose or any position that is comfortable to you. Practice deep and mindful breathing meditation as this will help awaken the Pran Mudras strong grounding effect. The lesser chakras in the soles of your feet will be activated, allowing for life force energy to flow through the system, pushing out any negative energy. This mudra will help you to feel strong and centered.

Dhyani Mudra for the Sacral Chakra

Place the back of one hand over the palm of the other hand. The tips of each thumb should be touching each other. In this mudra you can also lay the middle, ring and pinky fingers on either hand on top of each other. Touch the thumb and index fingers together on either hand to form a circle Generally, when there is a chakra system imbalance, the sacral chakra is the first to be affected. These hand positions will help rebalance ones sense of responsibility and fulfilling duties. Concentration will be sharpened and distraction eradicated.

Hakini Mudra for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Hold both hands up and allow the tips of each corresponding finger to touch gently. You can keep your hands suspended like this just in front of your abdomen or you can rest your hands in this pose on your lap, whichever feels most comfortable. Balancing this chakra will send energy and balance to the other chakras both below and above it. Using this mudra to heal your sacral chakra will provide emotional balance and stability. Your sensitivities to others and yourself will sharpen and you will notice a much higher capacity in yourself for empathy. The Hakini Mudra will help you to feel more self-assured and in control of yourself.

Gyan Mudra for the Heart Chakra



Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog

Join the tips of your thumb and index finger on both hands together. The other three fingers should be joined and stretched straight up together. Rest each hand on its corresponding knee. You can also hold either or both of your hands in this position over your heart. The heart chakra has governance over compassion and love. The Gyan Mudra helps to heal those attributes focusing on our ability to be generous and to share happiness. This helps us to be mindful and aware, of ourselves and of others. This mudra also bestows an ability within all who practice it to give off compassionate energy to others they come in contact with.

Gyan Mudra for the Throat Chakra

The Gyan Mudra is a multi-purpose mudra that also has healing and balancing effects on the throat chakra. The hand poses are the same as for the heart chakra. Again you can rest your hands on either knee, or you can hold one or both of your hands in this pose over your throat. As the Gyan Mudra opens us up to compassion, generosity and love. It also opens us to better and clearer communication. It invites calm and enables new knowledge to be absorbed and/or relayed. We are now not only open to sharing energy and compassion, but thoughts and ideas as well.

Shambavi Mudra for the Third Eye Chakra

This particular mudra is an eye mudra to apply during meditative practice. In the beginning it can feel strange and unnatural.



Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog

Roll your eyes upwards while keeping your eyes open. Focus on not straining your eyes. Simply move them upwards without allowing your head to follow. They should slightly defocus from your surroundings and zero in on seeing the center of your forehead where your third eye is located. This is a more advanced mudra to practice. Your intuition will improve and increase. Your spiritual gifts will become apparent and you will be able to reach higher levels of awareness. Opening the third eye will open you up to your full potential.

Akasha Mudra and Khechari Mudra for the Crown Chakra

Touch the thumb to your middle finger on either hand with the remaining fingers outstretched or you can touch the thumb to the middle and ring fingers leaving the other two fingers outstretched. For this mudra you will also roll the eyes upward like in Shambavi Mudra. You will be working to balance the spirit that resides within you and the spirit energy that resides without you. Your body will be able to absorb spirit energy more easily and effectively allowing for the crown chakra to remain balanced and its sensitivity heightened.

Using the Mudras

The mudras can be part of your daily meditation. You can do them as a set, slowly working from the root chakra mudra to the crown chakra mudra; or, you may wish to devote an entire meditation session to one specific mudra. It also helps to visualize the color and location of each chakra as you move through the hand positions. For added effectiveness, use chakra chants to invoke the healing power of sound. As with any chakra healing or meditative practice, listen to your intuition as to which chakra needs the most care. If youre unsure which of your chakras are blocked take the free Chakra Test and then you can go about rebalancing your system using the Chakra Healing techniques, using the mudras to enhance their healing power.

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Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog



Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog



Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog

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Balance Your Chakras With Chakra Mudras | Chakra Healing Blog

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