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Published by Eitan Gutin
Himmelfarb 2.0 Pages 7 and 8
Himmelfarb 2.0 Pages 7 and 8

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Published by: Eitan Gutin on Oct 14, 2013
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As we were preparing for the 5774 school year we asked our faculty, as we always do, "what can we do to improve your classroom?" The answer, in one form or another, from those teaching 4th grade and older was very consistent. "Can you please get rid of the desks?" our teachers asked. Besides our desks and early childhood task tables all the movable furniture in Tifereth Israel is designed for banquets or for adult gatherings. The image on this page is similar to how our older students are learning today. While folding tables and chairs are a step up from the 1950s desks they are, in many ways, just as limiting. Our smallest tables are designed to fit 6 to 8 adults around them, and we have trouble fitting more than two into a classroom.

The HON Huddle tables that we are purchasing for use with!4th graders through adults!will allow faculty to create a space that served their lesson best unstead of needing to rethink lessons based on the current furnishings. Designed for multi use spaces the tables have wheels and will nest within each other when not in use while the chairs will stack out of the way as well. Mobility is important if our classrooms are to be true multi purpose spaces for the first time since TI moved to 16th St. All of our classroom storage and half of our desks will travel on heavy duty casters. Instead of permanent desks TI's faculty will use mobile and!secure!file pedestals.! In the meantime, the portability of this design allows us to use spaces for multiple purposes without constantly worrying about storing unused furnishings. All of the tables in half of our spaces will have tops that flip up for nesting. New seating will be stackable - even the teacher chairs with wheels.

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