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Clinicopathological Conference Case Presentation Guidelines

Case reports should be approved by the course coordinator. Case presentation should show how diagnosis and management of a medical or surgical problem is approached, review of the disease pathophysiology and give emphasis on the clinical features, diagnostic tools used and therapeutic management employed.

Format of oral presentation

Order of the presentation outline can be changed depending on the case chosen to be presented.

Signalment, Presenting Complaint/ problem Findings History Physical Examination Identification of Abnormal Findings Differential Diagnoses for Problems Diagnostic Plan Pertinent Laboratory, Radiographic or other Diagnostic Findings Tentative/Final Diagnosis Therapeutic Plan Outcome Brief Discussion/Conclusions regarding important features of the case
Presentations should be 10- 15 minutes with 5 minutes allotted for questions and discussion. Each presenter is expected to adhere to the time limit. Point will be deducted for presentations going over the allotted time.

Grading of case report

Case Selection Complexity of case Appropriate case follow-up Content Format of presentation/written report Discussion Conclusions Use of problem-oriented approach Delivery Clarity of speech 25 pts

25 pts

15 pts

Rate of delivery Effectiveness of visual presentation Use of visual aids Enthusiasm Questions handled appropriately Total

15 pts

_20 pts 100 pts