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New York government agencies cannot discriminate against older workers, EXCEPT for judges who are asked to They do EVERYTHING resign from their jobs when and WORK EVERYWHERE, they reach 70. in schools, in hospitals, in the food industry, WE CAN CHANGE THIS. in government. VOTE “YES” ON Every morning, tens of thousands of New Yorkers over 70 years of age go to work.



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Keep Competence, Experience, and Wisdom on the Judicial Bench by Voting “YES” on Proposition Six.

New York’s state laws should protect – not hinder - the rights of all competent, able-bodied senior citizens in our work force, including our Judges. You can make a difference and end age discrimination in the judiciary by voting “YES” on Proposition #6 on Election Day. Proposition Six will lift the age limit for judges and require rigorous physical and mental fitness tests so they can continue working on the bench. Once you vote for candidates, turn your ballot around. Go to Proposition #6, and VOTE “YES”.
Join These Trusted NYS associations in supporting Prop #6!

VOTE “YES” on Proposition Six.
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On Tuesday, November 5th, Turn Your Ballot Around.

î New York City Bar Association î Fund & Committee for Modern Courts î NYS Trial Lawyers Association

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