Egg Drop Project Lab Write-Up Claudia Martinez Partner: Jazmine Brown - !


"ntroduction to Egg Drop Project: #$e purpo%e o& t$i% project wa% to create an airbag t$at could $elp %a'e ot$er egg% li(e )umpt* Dumpt* &rom &alling o&& o& wall% and crac(ing+ ,ou needed to &igure out w$at ga% product would $elp in&late )umpt*-% airbag+ Combining %e'eral component% made a c$emical reaction. and one o& t$e product% in t$e reaction i% a ga% t$at $elped in&late )umpt*-% airbag+ Material% needed: / two zip loc( bag% 0re-clo%e able %andwic$ bag1 / ba(ing %oda / 'inegar / %cale / tape / nap(in% / mea%uring tube% / water Procedure: + 2et out all t$e material%. and %et t$em out on a table+ 3+ 4ir%t. ju%t to get a better under%tanding o& w$at ba(ing %oda and 'inegar do w$en mi5ed e5periment wit$ t$e material% u%ing gram o& ba(ing %oda and 36 ml o& 'inegar+ Pour t$e 'inegar into a zip loc( bag and care&ull* wit$ a% little air entering t$e bag %coop t$e ba(ing %oda in+ #o remo'e a% muc$ air a% po%%ible &latten t$e bag 7uic(l*+ Clo%e t$e zip loc( bag tig$t %o t$at none o& t$e li7uid come% out+ Mi5 t$e ingredient% w$en it %eem% li(e t$e reaction $a% %lowed down or %topped to ma(e %ure t$e reaction i% complete+ 8ecord *our ob%er'ation%. i& nece%%ar*+ 9b%er'ation%: / :% %oon a% t$e ba(ing %oda mi5ed in wit$ t$e 'inegar. t$ere wa% an immediate %izzling %ound and bubbling and t$e bag began to in&late+ / #$ere were man* bubble% at &ir%t. t$e* were w$ite and it made t$e 'inegar loo( w$ite too+ / :% t$e reaction %lowed t$e ba(ing %oda di%%ol'ed into t$e 'inegar. and t$e bag wa%n-t &lat an*more+ :&ter a w$ile it doe%n-t e'en bubble+ ;ow t$at *ou $a'e an idea o& w$at t*pe o& e5periment *ou are doing *ou can mo'e on to t$e ne5t %tep w$ic$ i% brea(ing down t$e c$emical e7uation to &igure out $ow muc$ air *our bag<%= need to $elp %a'e )umpt* Dumpt*+ B* balancing t$e e7uation below w$ic$ i% ju%t a %et up o& all t$e ingredient% to ma(e )umpt*% airbag wor( *ou will be one %tep clo%er to &inding out $ow muc$ o& %omet$ing need% to be out into a zip loc( bag to in&late it+ Ba(ing %oda :cetate acid <'inegar= Water > > > ;a)C9? <%= @ C)?C99) <a7= A C93 @ )39 @ ;aC)?C99 B B Carbon dio5ide Codium acetate :% *ou can %ee t$oug$ t$e e7uation i% alread* balanced %o all t$ere i% le&t to do i% &ind out $ow muc$ 'inegar and ba(ing %oda i% needed to in&late )umpt*-% airbag wit$ out $a'ing it pop open or lea'e reactant%+ ?+ ,ou need to &ind out t$e 'olume o& t$e bag. to do %o &ill t$e bag wit$ water and empt* all t$e water into a mea%uring cup. $owe'er man* liter% or milliliter% i% t$e 'olume o& t$e bag+

D+ 9nce *ou &ind t$e 'olume don-t &orget to write all t$i% down. and mo'e on toward &inding t$e molar ma%% o& ;a)C9?+ 4or &urt$er (nowledge on $ow to ma(e t$e air bag in&late more e&&icientl* *ou can complete t$e problem below+ "& *ou u%e 36 ml. <E+E36 liter%= o& 'inegar. $ow man* mole% o& acetic acid are *ou u%ingF #$ere i% one mole o& acetic acid in liter o& 'inegar+ Calculation%:

6+ U%ing t$e calculated 'alue% o& ba(ing %oda and 'inegar te%t *our $*pot$e%i% b* conducting an e5periment to determine t$e be%t amount% o& 'inegar and ba(ing %oda to u%e *our airbag+ "& *our $*pot$e%i% wa% correct. meaning *ou &igured out $ow to ma(e t$e mo%t e&&icient air bag+ ;ow *ou can %tart to de%ign and build a 'e$icle &or )umpt* Dumpt* <t$e raw egg=+ Material% needed to ma(e )umpt*-% air bag 'e$icle: / %mall cardboard bo5 / two zip loc( bag% / M %olution o& acetic acid <'inegar= / Codium $*drogen carbonate <%odium bicarbonate=. ;a)C9? <ba(ing %oda= / tape / gradulated c*clinder% and ma*be ot$er gla%%ware / electronic balance Picture and drawing o& )umpt*-% air bag:

+ Predicting W$ic$ %tarting material u%ed in t$e air bag in&lator i% t$e lea%t important &or t$e proper in&lation o& t$e air bagF Would it be nece%%ar* to $a'e it pre%ent in a preci%e %toic$iometric ratioF W$* or w$* notF

3+ :nal*ze and Conclude W$at i% t$e correct %tioc$iometric ratio between ;a;? and G;9? to en%ure no %odium i% unreactedF W$at would be t$e con%e7uence% o& an e5ce%% o& G;9? to t$e operation o& an airbagF