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Gmail - Complaint about Personal Advisor Sarah, Aintree Jobcentre

Erik Ribsskog <>

Complaint about Personal Advisor Sarah, Aintree Jobcentre

Erik Ribsskog <> To: Contact-Us <> Hi, I'm writing about Personal Advisor Sarah, at Aintree jobcentre. She 'always' wants to discuss my spare-time stuff, in the meetings about job-seeking. (That's my web-shop, my book-self-publishing and my courses, that I pay for myself, from Learn Direct). But, shouldn't these meetings be about job-seeking? It's a bit like she's trying to run me, I think. I don't like to take decisions about spare-time stuff, at the Jobcentre. I don't like it that these meetings about job-seeking turns into e.g. board-room-meetings, for my web-shop. Because I get bound by what I say in these meetings then, and they are really supposed to be about job-seeking, so I wouldn't want to make decisions about my businesses, (which I'm trying to build up), my courses, (which I finance myself and which affect my budget), the book-publishing which affects my spare-time, etc., in these meetings. They are supposed to be about job-seeking, I think. But Sarah, (I don't think I've been given her last-name, at least she doesn't use it very often, I think), again and again wants to discuss my 'spare-time-stuff' in these meetings. This puzzles me and I wonder how competent your staff are when they act in this strange way, (which I think I have to call it). So I wanted to please complain about this. Best regards, Erik Ribsskog Wed, Dec 25, 2013 at 4:48 PM