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Texas A&M University—Commerce

Teacher: Tiffani Kendall (Green) Mentor: Terenee Knight Subject: English III

Daily Lesson Plan Form
Grade Level: 11th Campus/District: Lakeview Date: 3/4/14 & 3/5/14 Centennial High School, Garland ISD

Overall Goal of Lesson: The student will be able to: Analyze historical and contemporary political debates for such logical fallacies as: non-sequiturs, circular logic, and hasty generalizations Evaluate the clarity and coherence of a speaker’s message and critique the impact of a speaker’s diction and syntax on an audience Evaluate how the author’s purpose and stated or perceived audience affect the tone of texts Instructional Objectives: The student will: Create a title for a given photograph from the 1930s, and explain why they chose that title. Synthesize information given in a Prezi to accurately complete Cornell notes over The Great Depression. Accurately complete a learning log worksheet. Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) & ELPS: 11.10A-B; 11.24B Key Vocabulary: The Great Depression Hooverville Sharecropper The Dust Bowl Stock market Hobo Okies Bread lines

Higher Order Questions: Create a title for the given picture. Discuss the living situation of the lower classes during the Great Depression. Compare the jobs available to the poor in the 1930s. Evaluate the effects of The Dust Bowl on farming families. If you lived during the Great Depression, then how would you feel about the food available to you? Predict what you think Of Mice and Men will be about. Student Activities: Warm-up Taking notes Listening attentively Participating in discussion Completion of learning log

Modifications/ELL Strategies: Instructions read out loud Partially completed notes (fill in the blank) Printed photograph Time Allotted 5 minute warm-up 5-10 minute discussion 25-30 minutes Great Depression Prezi 10 minutes Learning Log 5 minute wrapup; reminders for next class Teacher Input/Lesson Activity:

Anticipatory Activity for Lesson: Students will complete a vocabulary booklet of terms from the novel, before they begin reading.

The teacher will monitor student activity during the warm-up, discuss titles students created, lead the students in a collaborative lecture, and collect learning logs. Modeling: The students have taken Cornell Notes in the past, and know the format. Guided Practice: Notes already have questions. They must fill in the answers during lecture and class discussion. Independent Practice: Creation of photo title Completion of notes Completion of learning log Lesson Closure: Learning Log worksheet Assessment Methods/Strategies: Class discussion Learning Logs