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Quarter 1nee Mid

By: Damirah Lim
Unit 1nee
 For Unit 1 chose the Atlantic
Slave Trade. I chose it
because it helps me realize
what my ancestors had to go
through for be to get here. If
they would have never went
through it ,I probably would
have had to go through it.
And I say that because life
would have been different
because Pres. Lincoln would
have never thought to let
them go.I would have
missed on a lot of things and
opportunities. I would have
never learned how t read or
to know the goals of life. And
I`m very thankful that I can
realize it!
Unit 2
 For Unit 2 I chose The
amendments (13th,14th,and
15th). I chose those because
without those Segregation and
Slavery would have still been
going on. The 13th amendment
ended slavery. The 14th
amendment gave people the right
to vote no matter if you were
black or any other ethnic. The
15th amendment stated that any
and every body that was born in
the U.S.and a former slave was a
citizen . If we never got a chance
to vote would of never made
history by having Obama for
president. Or Martin Luther King
and the others make a difference.
Unit 3
 For Unit 3 I chose the
government Democracy.
I chose Democracy
because its apart of my
life time. What I mean
by that is I have more
choices of things. I can
vote on an fair and
unfair path. Living under
Democracy is great !
Also, people have a
right of freedom to say
what they want . And we
have a chance to make
things possible.
Most Important
 The most important topic to me is
the Amendments ( 13th,14th,and
15th ).
 Its important to me because life
would have probably been tragical.
 It makes a difference and it opened
the door for people to have the
chance of getting an education so
they can become and be somebody
in life.

 My definition of Leadership is
when someone has the
responsibility and the courage
to help others. Leadership also
can help non-leading people
get on that path to be a better
person . And to help you learn
how to take responsibility .