Application Form for Sales

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Role: Tele Sales
Personal Details (please print this section)
Title Surname First Name (s) (underline the one you are known by)
Home Address Term Address (if applicable)
ost !ode ost !ode
Telephone Telephone
"mail "mail
#ates at Abo$e #ates at Abo$e
#o you need a work permit for permanent employment in the %& ' ("S) N* )
#o you hold a full %& dri$in+ licence' ("S N*
Education - Professional Post!raduate First De!ree"Diploma
lease list all de!rees"diplomas"professional #ualifications etc$ held or currently studies for, whether at first de+ree or post+raduate le$el- %ist most
recent first and +i$e all results known whate$er the outcome-
From . To
month / year
Hi+her "ducation
Award and Title of Award
(HN#/#e+ree/#ipl/1Sc/h# etc-)
Education - Prior to Hi!her Education

lease list date (year)/3ualifications/sub4ects (+rades) of all of the hi+hest le$el e2aminations that 3ualified you for your Hi+her "ducation course(s)-
(A/AS 5e$els/Scottish Hi+her/0rish 5ea$in+/Access/6N78/9accalaureate etc-)- 0nclude all e2aminations taken at this le$el whate$er the outcome-
Number of 6!S"/Standard
6rade passes (6rade ! : Abo$e)
#ate (s)
6rade for 1aths 6rade for "n+lish
Number of A / A;
Employment and &or' E(perience
lease describe briefly any work (whether paid or unpaid) which you ha$e undertaken- Hi+hli+ht (;) the two most rele$ant and what you achie$ed-
From . To
month / year
"mployer <ob Title and Responsibilities Achie$ements
)eo!raphical %ocation
#o you ha$e a stron+ preference for a particular location' 0f so, +i$e details-
Personal *nterests and Achie+ements
%se the space below to describe ,ith dates (year) any spare.time acti$ities- 0nclude or+anisin+, leadin+ or +roup acti$ities- Those re3uirin+ initiati$e,
creati$ity or +i$in+ intellectual de$elopment are also of interest-
-pecific E+idence
As a sale 8ualification Representati$e, (ou will work the 5ead 6eneration Team within the 1arketin+ #epartment to identify
3ualified leads Sales Team to follow.up with-
; Follow.%p with leads to 3ualify them to be handed off the sales team
; 5ead include purchased webinar attendees to the li$e session and replay $ersions, customer referrals, and older leads within e2istin+
; Follow.up $ia phone and email
; 1ana+e li$e chat function on website for new interested prospects, handin+ off 3ualified lead to sales team-
; *ther duties as assi+ned
The followin+ 3uestions are desi+ned to encoura+e you to pro$ide e$idence of specific abilities- (our e2amples can be taken from your education,
work e2perience, placements or spare.time or other $oluntary acti$ities-
Plannin! implementation and achie+in! results.
#escribe a challen+in+ pro4ect, acti$ity or e$ent which you ha$e planned and taken throu+h to a conclusion- 0nclude your
ob4ecti$e, what you did, any chan+es you made to your plan and state how you measured your success-
*nfluencin! communication and team,or'.
#escribe how you achie$ed a +oal throu+h influencin+ the actions or opinions of others (perhaps in a team conte2t)- =hat
were the circumstances' =hat did you do to make a difference' How do you know the result was satisfactory'
Analysis pro/lem sol+in! and creati+e thin'in!.
#escribe a difficult problem that you ha$e sol$ed- State how you decided which the critical issues were- Say what you did
and what your solution was- =hat other approaches could you ha$e taken'
Additional *nformation
lease write here any additional information, not co$ered elsewhere, which will stren+then your application-
=here did you hear of us or see an ad$ertisement'
-pecific -'ills
>- 5ist any lan+ua+es that you know includin+ le$el of proficiency (basic/workin+ knowled+e/fluent/mother.ton+ue)-
?- Specify your e2perience with any +eneric computer packa+es/pro+rammin+ lan+ua+es (limited/workin+ knowled+e/e2tensi$e)/
@- 0ndicate any other specific rele$ant skills (laboratory techni3ues, +raphics skills etc-)-
Career Choice
"2plain why you ha$e applied for the 4ob function (s) that you noted on the first pa+e- *ffer e$idence of your suitability (e-+- courses
undertaken, work shadowin+, skills, stren+ths and e2periences)- "mphasise why you consider yourself to be a stron+ candidate-
Health Declaration
lease +i$e details of any health matters of rele$ance to the work applied for (see note within 6uidance Notes and 1onitorin+ #ata)-
0eferee 0eferee
Name: Name:
osition: osition:
Address: Address:
Telephone: Telephone:
lease +i$e any dates when you are not a$ailable for inter$iew- lease +i$e date from which you are a$ailable for employment
The statements made on this firm are true- 0n understand any false statements may 4eopardise my application and may lead to an offer
bein+ withdrawn- 0 ha$e attached the "3ual *pportunities 1onitorin+ #ata-
Si+ned: Name (please print) #ate:
1o/ Description
!onduction phone consultations and online demonstrations maintainin+ detailed documentation of all prospect
/customer interactions pro$idin+ +eneral marketin+
: sales coachin+ to customers-
0esponsi/ilities *nclude.
• Exceeding assigned sales quota
• Maintaining a 10% conversion ratio (from lead to closed deal)
• Demonstrating proper pipeline management (3 pipeline additions per day)
• Meeting minimum talk time and call expectations (average of !ours and "0 dials per day)
2inimum 3ualifications.
• #ositive$ ent!usiastic attitude
• %trong &ork et!ic
• Excellent communication skills
• 'illingness to learn ins and out of our sales system
• ()ility to adapt to innovative sales met!ods
• Detail oriented
• ()ility to multi*task$ manage and meet deadlines
• +ac!elors degree or , years of related &ork experience
*deal 3ualifications.
• +ac!elors degree plus , years of related &ork experience
• #roven success in sales
Fire and passion attitude