Learning by the Week

Date Literature and Informational Text Phonic Skills Words to Know
Unit 1 Big Idea: We see all kinds of people each day.
1 18-Aug Main Ideas/Summarize letter names Syllables I
2 25-Aug Understanding Characters/Predict and Infer Mm/ Ss Beginning Sounds in Words like
3 1-Sep Story Structure/Monitor and Clarify Aa/Tt Blending with short a the
4 8-Sep Text and Graphic Features/Analyze and Evaluate Cc/Pp and
5 15-Sep Details/Cause-and-Effect Nn/Ff Review Unit Words
Unit 2 Big Idea: Books help us learn new things.
6 22-Sep Compare and Contrast/Monitor and Clarify Bb/Ii Blending with short i see
7 29-Sep Characters/Analyze and Evaluate Gg/Rr Middle Sounds in Words we
8 6-Oct Details/Visualize Dd/Oo Blending with short o a
9 13-Oct Text and Graphic Features/Question Xx/Jj to
10 20-Oct Story Structure/Summarize Ee/Hh Blending with short e Review Unit Words
Unit 3 Big Idea: There is so much to see outside.
11 27-Oct Compare and Contrast/Question Kk/Uu Blending with short u come, me
12 3-Nov Conclusions/Montior and Clarify Ll/Ww Ending Sounds in Words with, my
13 10-Nov Author's Purpose/Visualize Vv/Zz Comprehension you, what
14 17-Nov Cause and Effect/Predict and Infer Yy/Qq are, now
15 1-Dec Sequence of Events/Analyze and Evaluate Sh/Ch/Th/Wh Review Unit Words
Date Comprehension skill/strategy Phonic Skill Words to Know
Unit 4 Big Idea: It's fun to explore.
16 8-Dec Details/Summarize Review is, how, so, many, where
17 15-Dec Sequence of Events/Infer and Predict Silent E (_a_e) Reading words with long A find, this, from, came, but, on

18 5-Jan Author's Purpose/Analyze and Evaluate Double E Reading words with double E will, be, into, that, your, who
19 12-Jan Cause and Effect/Question Silent E (_i_e) Reading words with long I go, for, here, they, soon, up
20 19-Jan Sequence of Events/Visualize Silent E (_o_e) Reading words with long O Review Unit Words
Unit 5 Big Idea: Change is all around us.
21 26-Jan Details/ Infer and Predict Silent E (_u_e) Reading words with long U make, play, them, give, say, new
22 2-Feb Story Structure/Analyze and Evaluate Two Vowels Reading words with two vowels said, good, was, then, ate, could
23 9-Feb Sequence of Events/Visualize Two Vowels Fluency she, all, over, her, when, some
24 16-Feb Conclusions/Monitor and Clarify Two Vowels he, no, away, must, by, there
25 23-Feb Text and Graphic Features/Summarize Review Review Unit Words
Unit 6 Big Idea: We are growing up!
26 2-Mar Conclusions/Visualize R-Controlled A do, down, went, only, little, just
27 9-Mar Compare and Contrast/Monitor and Clarify R-Controlled O have, help, one, every, ask, walk
28 23-Mar Story Structure/ Predict and Infer R-Controlled Vowels look, out, very, their, saw, put
29 30-Mar Main Idea and Details/Question Y as ight or ee off, take, our, day, too, show
30 6-Apr Understanding Characters/Summarize Review Review Unit Words
Date Comprehension skill/strategy Phonic Skills Words to Know
Unit 7 Author Study
31 13-Apr Laura Numberoff Cause and Effect
32 20-Apr David Shannon Story Mapping
33 27-Apr Eric Carle Sequencing
34 4-May Leo Lionni Fantasy and Reality
35 11-May Robert Munsch Main Ideas and Events
36 18-May Doreen Cronin Sequencing/Real and Fantsy