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Kent Island High

School Field
Jocelyn Martin
School Overview
Kent Island High School
900 Love Point Road
Stevensville, Maryland 21666

School Overview
• Courses offered in:
– English
– Math
– Performing Arts
– Physical Education/Health
– Science
– Social Studies
– Visual Arts
– World Languages
• 49% participation rate in AP
Student Enrollment:
• Total Enrollment – 1204 students
in grades 9-12

• 86% White
• 6% Black/African American
• 2% Two or More Races
• 2% Asian
• 3% Hispanic

• 19% FARMS
• 14% Special Education/504 Plan
• >5% Limited English Proficiency

Librarian’s Role
• Manage the collection
• Manage technology and
its maintenance
• Assist classes with research
in the library
• Department Head
• Advisor of National Honors’
Kent Island Collection
• 9,856 titles in the collection
• Collection highlighted Black-
Eyed Susan books
• Junior Library Guild Books of
the Month subscription
• Extensive collection of literary
criticism in the 800s
• Huge reference collection
(print and electronic)

Kent Island High School -- Strengths
• The media center set up
– Large windows allow for natural light
– Six laptop carts
– Computer lab connected to the media center
– Tables and couches
• Diverse, organized library collection that supports the curriculum
– Extensive reference collection
– Lots of current popular fiction
• Flexible schedule
– Classes able to come to the library multiple days in a row for projects
• Teachers stay in the library during instruction
• Involved librarian
Kent Island High School Library
Kent Island High School Library
Kent Island High School Library
Kent Island High School -- Weaknesses
• Library staff consists of one librarian
• Librarian is in charge of managing technology maintenance for the
– Including: computers, laptops, copiers, projectors, DVD players, printers,
document cameras, and SMARTBoards
• Flexible schedule
– Some students never come to the library.
• Difficult to collaborate with teachers
Best Practices
• Keep library sign-up schedule
close to the circulation desk
• Keep library open after school
• Advocate for library program
through creative means
• Involvement in a school club
expands the visibility of the
librarian as a member of the
school community outside the
walls of the library
World Book Day Giveaway &
Declaration for the Right to School Libraries
Book Displays
National Honor Society Relay for Life
Relay For Life PowToon video
Innovative Ideas
• Edited catalog to create
searchable book lists
– Black-Eyed Susan Awards
– KIHS Top 50
• Collaborated and Co-taught
lessons with the
Environmental Science

Book Lists
Environmental Science Mock Trial Project
Environmental Science Mock Trial
Expectations vs. Reality
• Expected to be uncomfortable around high school students
• Expected more opportunities to collaborate with teachers
• Expected the LMS to be more discouraged given the decline of
the district’s library program
• Expected a separate technology technician in the building
• Expected more traffic in the library
• Expected to learn how to repair books and process books

Learned book repair!
Learned how to process a new book!
I processed my first book!
Differences between Experiences
• Support for the library media program from the board
– QACPS: small district does not have as much staff to support the libraries
– MCPS: receives 3 visits from Kyra Kreinbrook over the course of the internship
• Support from administration
– QACPS: principal was aware of the program
– MCPS: principals were extremely supportive of the program
• Collaboration
– QACPS: difficult to collaborate with teachers because they have to come to us
– MCPS: collaboration was expected of the library program
• Book repair
– QACPS: all book repair was done in house by the librarian
– MCPS: all book repair was set aside to be done by an unknown party

My Strengths and Weaknesses
• 10 years of teaching
experience in elementary
• Teaching multiple grade
levels collaboratively
• Knowledge of Common Core
• Embrace new technologies
• Ability to build relationships

• Knowledge of the Dewey
Decimal system
• Time management
• Limited experience with
collection maintenance
• Lack of extensive knowledge
of databases

• Class and library photos courtesy of Jocelyn Martin
• School photo courtesy of

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• Video created using PowToon