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Lesson Plan: Unit 4 Summative Test

Teacher: Greg Thomas

Date: 11/19/2014

Class: Pre-AP U.S. History

Level: Primarily 9th Grade

Purpose: To evaluate student learning and ensure that students met the required standards,
benchmarks, and learning goals for Unit 4: WW1.

Hawaii State Teacher Standards:

SS.10.3.7: Describe the events that led the United States into World War I.
SS.10.3.8: Describe how domestic policies were affected by American involvement in World
SS.10.3.9: Explain why the United States did not sign the Treaty of Versailles.
Complex Thinker - The ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving.
Effective and Ethical User of Technology -The ability to use a variety of technologies
effectively and ethically.
Assessments: See 2nd Attachment/Study Guide 3rd Attachment
Materials/Set-Up: Laptops, Account w/classes and student roster set-up. I will
enter a secret password into the assessment set-up page.
Procedures: Students will enter the classroom and pick up laptops from the mobile computer.
Once seated, student will turn on the computers and log on to I will remind the
students what their usernames and passwords are, let them know the secret password, and
remind them that there is no talking during the test and they are not to be on any other
webpage besides The students will have the remainder of the class period to finish
their tests.

Adaptations and Extensions: I will walk around the room monitoring the students and
ensuring there is no talking and that students are practicing ethical use of the laptops. I have
caught a student looking up answers on Wikipedia during a previous test, so I try to move
around the room and be aware of each individuals actions. I mainly look for students who are

typing. This is a multiple choice test, so once the test starts there should be no reason a student
has to type.
This test is graded on a curve. I take the highest score for each class and that becomes the total
score the students can get. I decided to do this because the results for the previous tests were
very poor (64%).
Management Considerations: Cheating is a serious offense. If a student is caught cheating, I
will follow school policy and refer that student to the administration.
Reflections: I dont have any control over what is on this test. The test was created by the
Social Studies department and they require all the students use the same complete certain
formative assessments and use the same summative assessment. Unfortunately, the vast
majority of the students feel that they are not taught the material that is covered on the
summative test; the students test scores do reflect this to a certain extent (Unit 3 Summative
Assessment average for all 3 classes was 64%). To remedy this, I looked at the test in advance
and made the students a study guide (attached). The vast majority of the students improved and
the average of all the classes combined scores increase 12%. As each student finished their
test, I asked them how they did. If they didnt seem happy with their score, I asked if they
used their study guide. The vast majority of those who used the study guide scored 80% or
higher. When students failed, I asked them if they studied, whether it be the study guide or
something else, and they replied that they had not.
Comparison of summative test results between Unit 3 and Unit 4
Period 4 Unit 3: 61%
Period 4 Unit 4: 73%
Period 5 Unit 3: 63%
Period 5 Unit 4: 78%
Period 7 Unit 3: 67%
Period 7 Unit 4: 76%
Unit 3 Average for all classes: 64%
Unit 4 Average for all classes: 76%
Average Improvement for all classes: 12% increase

Extension: When students finish with their tests, they will be given time to work on their NHD
projects which are due on the 25th.