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Republic of the Philippines


San Isidro, Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte
1. As a classroom teacher, cite three ways to promote and maintain an atmosphere
that is good for mental health in your classroom. Explain each.
2. Describe your role in the promotion of good mental health in your
a. family;
b. community;
c. work place.
3. Compare and contrast neurosis and psychosis. Illustrate how the family members
and the community can help the person deal with this problem and also illustrate
how the family members and the community can aggravate or worsen it.
4. Defense mechanisms help us cope with the pressure and pains in life. Cite five
(5) mechanisms, and explain each by showing an example.
5. The family is very influential in the development of our personality. Explain the
adage We are but the reflection of our family.
6. The promotion for the care and preservation of good mental health has been in
existence for quite a long time already. In your observation, give at least three (3)
conditions that can be considered still weaknesses in the care for mentally ill
persons. Explain why you consider them a weakness.
7. Some say that true love in unconditional, meaning, when we truly love a person,
we take the person in his/her totality, both strength and weakness. Nevertheless,
science and medicine show that some diseases, including mental illness, is genetic
and can be inherited. Show your position in regard to considering the family
background and lineage of your partner before committing yourself wholly to
your relationship.
8. You observe that one of the students/pupils in your class is exhibiting a disturbing
behavior that affects the whole class. Outline your course of action that will
address the problem and at the same time help the said student/pupil.
Just choose five questions that you are going to answer. Submit your answer via
email: Deadline of submission is on May 31, 2010.