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Are all eyes open?

By: Rachel Goodman

Types and

Closing her eyes and trying to
remember back to when it all started. The
thing is she didn’t want to remember. Her
head and shoulders slumped in shame as she
held her puffy red face in her hands. She
opens her eyes and everyone can clearly see
it all; she was telling her story through her
eyes. The sense of pain and despair in her
eyes. All she could remember was the help
that never came, the depression and
cowardliness she felt when she was forced
to have sex with men she didn’t know, the
things she was promised, but never received.
She didn’t know where she was; for all she
knew she could be in a totally different
country. These were everyday thoughts that
not just girls, but both genders infants,
toddlers, teenagers, and adults from all over
the world faced when one of their worst
fears came true of being trafficked in the
real world and having to face it all head-on.
Some might say there is only one
form of trafficking involving humans. Well
that is not the case there are several types of
different human trafficking. According to
Experts the main forms are the following:
trafficking in women for sexual exploitation,
trafficking for forced labor, commercial sex
exploitation of children in tourism, and
trafficking in organs (“Types of Human

The most common torture would be
Commercial sex exploitation of children
tourism because more than 1/3 of the
victims taken are children. The meaning of
this type of trafficking would be known as “
The phenomenon is promoted by the growth
of inexpensive air travel and the relatively
low rick of prohibition and the prosecution
in these destinations for engaging in sexual
relations with minors” (“Types of Human
Trafficking in women for sexual
exploitation is the second most common.
This is probably the most likely form of
trafficking that will leave the most impact
and effects on victims if they ever are to
escape. This is the form of trafficking when
women and children are promised better
education, jobs, life style, and even
marriage, but little do they know they are in
for a heck of a ride. Instead of receiving a
better future they receive this…“Victims are
often provided with false information, travel
documents, and an organization network is
used to transport them to the destination
country, where they find themselves forced
into sexual slavery and held in inhumane
conditions and constant fear”(“Types of
Human Trafficking”).
A form that is not so common, but is
a growing field is trafficking in organs. This
is known to be the people who run the
trafficking known as trolleys according Ehi
Momoh a trafficking survivor; sometimes
target weaker or older victims for the lives
so when they eventually die or are killed or
maybe have surgery before death; their
bodies are used for their organs. Somewhat
like an organ donor without the permission
of the patients (Choji). This is more of a
demand now because of the disease:
diabetes. “An ageing population and
increased incidence of diabetes in many
developed countries is likely to increase the
requirement of organ transplants and make

this crime even more lucrative” (“Types of
Human Trafficking”).
There seems to be plenty of forms
for human trafficking and how fast they
seem to be increasing and getting worse, but
the worst effect would be the mental and
physical abuse they obtain day to day as
they encounter and fight through all the
negativity being shoved and pushed their
way. Since these kids are being trafficked
and the trolleys are erasing all of their files
of existence, it is nearly impossible to find
the victim. Demolishing all their hope even
more and more that someone would come
with a rescue plan.
Could anyone take a guess to about
how many kids are trafficked each year?
Most people think there are not many people
who grow up in a living nightmare or this
could never happen to me. That is probably
what they all thought before it actually
happened to them. Let’s just say there is
more kids and adults both men and women
who get trafficked every year that we could
never estimate how many. In the United
States there are tons among tons of people
being trafficked: “An estimated 100,000
U.S. kids are forced into prostitution each
year. Federal investigators identified more
than 9,000 instances of trafficking in the
United States between 2008 and 2012 alone”
(Culp-Ressler). That is only the United
States. There are thousands and thousands of
innocent victims trafficked everywhere on
the earth.
There are groups or trafficking
business that is done ‘behind the scenes’
meaning they are done without anyone
knowing about it. This is most common in
places like Africa, India and China. There
has been a record count of victims “Experts
believe that 35,000 women from Columbia
and 25,000 from Bangladesh are trafficked”
(“Sex Trafficking”). The idea of the trolleys
or organized sex trafficking groups working

in private and nobody even having the
slightest clue of what is going on is
absolutely absurd and someone or the law
needs to do something to stop or control this
predicament. If only the world could find a
way to identify how many people were
trafficked each year or even each day then
we could together help find a way to
decrease that number and put a halt to this
lying game.

Stuck in This

Many think that women and
young girls are the main target victims for

The picture shows that
children and women are the
two most targeted victims if
the percentage is that high.

Nobody really knows exactly where
human trafficking all takes place, but what
we do know is that it takes its role
everywhere in the world. According to the
executive director of the Office on Drugs
and Crime Yury Fedotov “Unfortunately, the
report shows there is no place in the world
where children, women, and men are safe
from human trafficking,” (Gladstone). The
most popular countries of human trafficking
are The Unites States, some African
countries, and China. “One of the most
intensive sexual sex trades takes place in
India, where poor girls and women are
trafficked to work in brothels. Young women
from Eastern Europe and Russia are often
tricked, kidnapped, or forced to enter
prostitution, with at least half a million
coming from former Soviet countries alone.
Africa, Asia, South and North America, and
Central America are also sources of sex
trafficking victims” (Sex Trafficking).

well they’re
according to some statistics “ In a single
report it showed that girls account for two
out of every three child victims, and that
together with adult women, account for
about 70 percent of all trafficking humans,”
(Gladstone). The fact that there are 50
percent more women being trafficked than
men; then unfortunately the growth of worry
and fear is higher for women than it is for
People are doing this all over the world
men and younger boys. People aren’t going
right underneath everyone’s noses. There are
to say ‘women are more likely to get
also such groups where they force women
trafficked than men’ because some might
into pornographic movies or videos and that
say men are the ones who would have
take place in such countries like Asia,
twisted minds like that; to physically make a
Mexico, India, and Thailand such as many
younger girl or women have unwanted and
Asian and Latin countries (Fedotov).
forced sex with an unknown man. The sex
There is no reason for such a deceiving idea
traffickers see women as a prize;
they aget
young victims,
to be going on in so many countries and for
a girl under the age of 20 who is
a virgin
it’sbeen physically
who has
people to not know about it. The more and
like they hit the jackpot in a money game.
more that countries pursue this work and
Some people out in the world would make
encourage it more often; the more countries
that statement making themselves come
are going to join in and increase this horrific
across as a sexist: that person showing or
and revolting job.
favoring a sex over the opposite sex.
People aren’t saying that young
boys or men can’t become a victim just as
easy as women do, but they are saying it is
just not as common as women being the
casualty. With all the information and
statistics that experts and investigators have
come up with to prove that women are the
main priority on trafficker’s minds before
they snatch their victims.

Now from before when stated that
any of the two genders boys or girls can be
drug into human trafficking. It is the exactly
same concept for race of victims.
Caucasians, African American, Latinas,
Muslim, Jewish, Indian, etc. There are
actually some specific races that could be
more targeted than others just like how
women are more likely to be victims than

males. Some base it off of how much of one
individual costs. Different races can me
more or less money. According to a study
the highest demand of victims is from
China, Russia and
Africa (“Sex
From an
interview about a
twenty- seven year
old girl from a village called Akoko-Edo
was brought into prostitution. Ehi Momoh
stated “The victims are exploited not
minding their ethnic and social backgrounds.
The moment they get them to the foreign
soil, they are forced to become prostitutes or
work in the sex-related industries like
pornography, strip clubs, outright
prostitution or as domestic help” (The
Shame Called International Prostitution).
From Ehi words people have began to see
that this isn’t just a one man’s job that
happens in one country. NO! It happens
even in everyone’s home town where they
are living. People just don’t know much
about it and victims are shipped like cargo to
somewhere across the whole world to do
things that nobody could even imagine.

Civilians of the world probably
wonder; how do these people get pulled into
this mess of being forced and derived to
have sexual relations with strangers or work
in the sex industry? Well there are many
answers to that. Many are tricked and lied
to, some have no choice and could be forced
by their families to do these acts of shame
and embarrassment, Others could just be
snatched off the streets and never to be seen
again, and others which is the most

This shows the back of
a van filled with at
least 15 different
victims that have been
captured and forced to
live in this van until
future instructions.

confusing and horrific part to comprehend is
some victims choose as an individual for
themselves to be put through all this pain
and punishment for money to support
themselves or loved ones.

At the end of this paper some people
still don’t understand how serious this mess
is of human trafficking. Not everyone knows
what exactly trafficking is. Trafficking is
horrifying, despicable, and tragic, some
might say disgusting. “Human trafficking is
forcing, coercing, or tricking people into
being transported within or to another
country for purposes of exploitation. While
human trafficking can involve forced labor
or the illegal sale of organs, the victims of
sex trafficking are forced into prostitution,
appear in pornographic materials, and work
as exotic entertainers” (“Sex Trafficking”).
The workers of traffickers are
manipulators who trick people and promise
people for a better life, working
opportunities, and higher education; really
all these people are doing is lying and taking
these young people and mentally, physically,
and emotionally forcing these people to do
activities that they don’t wish to perform.
People force the victims mentally by
breaking down their self-esteem and making
them seem worthless. Forcing them
physically by abusing and hurting their
victims such as beating, drugging, even
breaking bones. From Sarah a human
trafficking survivor once told a reporter “’ I
was raped as well’ as she showed me the
hand he broke when Sarah refused to go to
one of the sex parties” (“Victim of human

Most people don’t know what
happens to these victims, but if they knew
half of what goes one they couldn’t even
begin to visualize the horrific scenery. Some
people might have the choice and go
through with it and others just take the pain
and fight through it until the end comes if
there is any help.
Human trafficking is like a sore on a
person’s foot. It’s ugly, disgusting, painful,
and meaning less to be there. People out
there do all of this for a living, but that is
absolutely no excuse for what these young
girls, women, young boys, and men have to
go through. For some victims they get away

or help eventually comes and other victims
aren’t as lucky as others. Hoping that this is
all getting across to everyone. Human
Trafficking is not a joke, so do not take it as
one. If you look at the map of the United
States below it shows how many calls that
have been sent into hotlines reporting human
trafficking over the past couple years. Think
if that was you. Could you make a
difference? Human trafficking is one of the
many problems we have in this messed up
place that we all call home, but some people
or one person could lead to a better place
and brighter future. What could you do or
think of that in the long run could save many
people’s lives?

This date shown in this graph is from two organizations: Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) and National Human Trafficking Resource Center
(NHTRC). The data was collected from information from callers giving location, call type, the type of trafficking, and the persons trafficked.
The darkness or lightness of the red shows where the majority of the calls come from in the nation ("The Visualizing Efforts of Truckers
Against Trafficking Data”).

Rachel Goodman
English 91
February 5 2015

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