QUESTIONS FOR INTERVIEWS 1234567How do you think the class went?

What do you think worked very well in this session? How can you use what worked well in your next class? If you could teach the same class again, what would you differently? What would you do the same way? What will you remember about this class? I noticed that you (describe strategy…. Called students by name, moved all round the classroom, lectured from your notes, didnt answer student question) 8- Why did you choose this strategy? 9- Did the students respond as you had expected? Were you satisfied with the student response? 10-What were your objectives in doing (describe the strategy) 11-Did you feel that you were successful in meeting these objectives? 12-Dİd you model the things you wanted to? 13-You seemed (negative, positive, distracted, enthusiastic) about (the activity)? What was going through your mind? 14-Could you have asked something different besides (strategy and activity) to get the response you desired? 15-What do you think your strengths are? How can we build on your strengths? 16-Why did you reach (reaction=? 17-What areas do you want to improve? 18-How might you do that? 19-What did you learn from this class? 20-What made this class different from others? 21-How did you feel about your students during the class? 22-Was this a typical class?

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