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Scenario Topic: Oil Spill


Problem There are accidental oil spills that happen in the ocean, how can we
(2 Points) clean it up?
Research Oil is one of the worst pollutants and is usually not even seen.
(2 Points) More than 82,000 birds may have been harmed by the spill
Hypothes If we use a strong paper like substance that wont break and filter the
oil tampered water, then the water will filter out clean.
(4 Points)
(4 Points)

1. I put about 4 tablespoons of oil in a bowl of water

2. Then a took a empty cup, put coffee filters on top and secured
them on top
3. I took the bowl of water and oil and poured it through the filter
4. Then when it finished filtering, I took the filter off
5. The water was then clean with no oil

Analysis In the experiment I noticed that the filter sort of collected oil and it
(4 Points) didnt go through because of its thick consistency, and the water just
ran right through

Conclusio In conclusion the filter worked and the water came out clear and the oil
got left. My hypothesis was correct.
(2 Points)