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Objectives of 961 Beer


Objective Area

1 Maintaining and Increasing the Customer Base

2 Inovation
3 Marketing Positioning
4 Gaining advantage from the competitor

Marketing Objectives of 961 Beer

Marketing Objective
a. Achieve revenue growth of 15% per year for the next 2 year
b. Increase the Customer base in Lebanon by 5% by the next year
c. Increase 10.000 new customer that spend $20 for purchase the beer per customer per week within 3 years
a. Launch at least 10 types of beer into the industrial channel in the next 2 years
b. Grow average for the first year sales of the new product by 25%
a. Recruit 6 distribution agent in 4 target area within 18 months
a. Reduce average distribution cost to less than 5% of gross revenue