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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Board of Directors call
September 15, 2015
Present on call: David Lamfrom, Lynn Davis, Michael Gordon, Paula Jacoby-Garrett, Shaun
Purpose of the call is to discuss newsletter, plan for the October star party, and discuss other
-Account balance as of September is $13,437.65
-Michael and David will follow-up with a point of contact regarding MNPC’s access to the MNPC
website and domain name.
-Discussion of newsletter content for the Fall/Winter 2015 issue, and logistics of maintaining
the mailing list.
-Decision to reach out to current members with active contact information on file to query
preference for an electronic copy of the newsletter in the place of a hard copy mailing.
-Decision to reach out to civic or youth group to discuss potential visit to the Preserve to
coincide with the October Star Party and coordinate media coverage of the Preserve’s
-Decision to prepare new flyer to advertise the October Star Party.
-BOD is communicating with the Mojave Desert Land Trust to discuss potential volunteer
restoration activity to coincide with the October Star Party.