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Kelsey Valdez

Management Plan

Welcome to English 11: World Literature! In this class we will travel the world
in books! We will read a variety of literature from different countries, address
research papers and multi-genre projects, and ultimately, unpack what it means to
be human. In order to have a successful year I have outlined some general class
policies. Below you will find what I want the atmosphere of our class to be and how
we will achieve that atmosphere, what our classroom will look like and why, what
systems we will use for turning in and handing back papers, and what our class
routines will be. In addition, it is important for you to know what my policies will be
on grading, homework, missing work, tardies, absences, and participation. I will also
include some consequences for breaking classroom policies, however, when we
meet as a class we will discuss these consequences and adjust them as needed to
fit our class.

Classroom Ambience
o Because I believe that the only way that a class can be successful is
through mutual respect, I want our classroom to be a safe and
respectful atmosphere. I want everyone to feel like they are welcome
in the space. I think that if you can own the classroom space and know
that your peers will respect your viewpoints the class will function as a
cohesive unit that can practice safe discourse. In order to achieve this
space, I plan on having clear rules for everyone to follow. I want you all
to be able to create expectations for the classroom and for me, and
together we will create a system of consequences if rules are not
Physical Space of the Classroom
o I like the idea of being able to face whoever is speaking because it
shows respect and engagement, and it reflects the classroom as being
a collaborative platform. For this reason, our desks will face each other
in a square. This way, we are all able to clearly see each other and we
are more accountable for paying attention rather than when someone
can sit in the back and hide from participation. I put my desk in the
middle of the room in front of your desks because that way I am able
to be a part of the discussion and I can watch all of your progress or
see where you are struggling. I placed the whiteboard in the front of
the room so that it is accessible for everyone. Storage, computers,
bookstands, and shelves are placed on the side of the classroom so
that they are out of the way and wont be a distraction if someone
needs to get something from them. Because they are in the back you

wont walk in front of whoever is speaking in the front of the room, and
you can feel comfortable accessing them whenever you need to.

Managing Resources
o systems we will have in place for:
I plan on utilizing one of my shelves for an in and two
out boxes. The in box will be a place where you can
turn your assignments in, one out box will be where
students can pick up assignments that have been
completed, and the other out box will be a space where
students who have missed class can pick up handouts or
other materials that they have missed.
I want to use all of our time effectively in the classroom
which can be tricky when it comes to transitions between
activities. In order to combat rough transitions, I plan on
giving you all a set amount of time at the end of each
week where you can work on any homework you want or
read silently. If you or your classmates are unable to
transition effectively or if there is an excess of chatter in
the classroom, I will monitor how long it takes to get back
on task, then I will double that time and take it away from
your time for work at the end of the week. For example, if

it takes a minute to get back to work, I will take two

minutes away from your time at the end of the week.
In order to have a high functioning classroom, routine is
important. At the beginning of the year, I will walk you all
through what is expected of you when class begins and
after modeling what to do for a week, I will expect you to
know that when the bell rings you must take out your
planners, write down your homework for the night, write
the learning target in your notebooks, and begin to work
on the warm up while I take role. When you are done with
the warm up, we will quickly transition into the lesson.

Part II:

Your rules and expectations

o I expect my students to come to class on time and prepared for
discussion with all of your materials
o A respectful atmosphere is a must for discussion
o Understand that everyone is learning and mistakes are okay
o You may do anything you want as long as it does not disrupt myself or
your classmates
o 1st time: I will remind you of what behavior you are doing, explain why
it breaks a rule in the classroom, ask you to stop, and remove the
distracting object if necessary
o 2nd time: A call will be made to your parents to inform you of your
o 3rd time: We will have a private conference in the hall to decide how
you can participate in class
o 4th time: Office referral
Protocols for
o Grading
10% participation (including being present, having materials,
participating in discussion, completing formative assessments)
40% tests (four throughout the semester)
40% papers and projects (two throughout the semester)
10% homework (is it completed? Is it done well?)
o Homework
I will accept late work for homework. It is my job to teach you, so
not doing your homework is not acceptable.
I will allow you to turn in work for full points after an excused
absence within two days of your return. After that you will lose
10% per day until 50%.

If work is turned in late due to an unexcused absence you will

lose 10% per day until 50%
We will have four tests this semester, so it would be in your best
interest not to miss them. However, if you do miss a test you
must conference with me so we can figure out a time for you to
make it up. If your absence was excused and you make up the
test within a week you will not be penalized. If your absence was
unexcused you must take your test within a week, but you will
start from an 80%
I will be happy to allow retakes on my tests if you conference
with me and we create a plan for more practice and
understanding. If you took a test after an unexcused absence,
you will still start from an 80%.
Attendance is key to success!
Is you have an excused absence you must meet with me to get
what you missed. Get the notes from a classmate.
If your absence is unexcused, in order to get half of your
participation points, you must meet with me to get what you
missed and show me the notes you got from your classmates.
Being tardy tells your classmates that you do not value their
time! I understand sometimes it is unavoidable but do not make
it a habit!
If you are tardy please quietly walk in and take your seat
If your tardiness becomes habitual we may need to sit down
with your parents and discuss ways you can get to class on time.
Your grade will also start to be affected
Participation includes (and you will be given one point for each):
completing formative assessments, having all materials for
class, being present and on time, and actively being engaged in
Being engaged in discussion means you are frequently
contributing however you are not hogging the floor. You are
respectful of your peers and you understand that everyone has
their own opinion.
If you begin to neglect any of these areas we will have a talk
about it and I will continue to monitor your participation. If you
dont fix your behavior your grade will be lowered by one point
for each area of participation you fail to do in class.