COURSE: Spanish 1, Fisher High School, 21 & 11 students, 45 min class period UNIT/THEME/CHAPTER: Classroom Objects WEEK

: 3 DATE: 2/9/10



OBJECTIVES Students will be able to… ASSESSMENT: Students will…  • • Label classroom objects on a Write new vocabulary words on a drawing of a classroom  • drawing. Draw pictures of vocabulary words on board in • Illustrate vocabulary words Pictionary • Arrange matching descriptions with  corresponding vocabulary words • Play Perfect Circle in groups, grouping words together EQUIPMENT/MATERIALS: Classroom drawing worksheet (original creation), colored flashcards, word cards for perfect circle game STANDARDS: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ASSIGNMENTS TO PICK UP/WRAP UP: Discussing the worksheet answers and making sure everyone knows what it is ASSIGNMENTS TO GIVE OUT: They should study their vocabulary.

ESTIMATED *Lesson Plan (Handouts or Overhead): TIME: 5 minutes Introduction: Activate Prior Knowledge, TPR Introduce new object words by using TPR and having students touch the objects that they have and know. Ask them to give you objects by using “Necesito un/una____” Once we have labeled all the objects with big colored cards, we’ll move onto bigger more unknown objects. Some students will be my volunteers and will go around the room and label object. Then, they will bring back cards to me, when I use commands. 10 min Structured Input Activity 1: (1.2) Students will play Perfect Circle in which they match up cards with their descriptions to form a perfect circle Students will rotate through 4 stations, one with pictures and one with descriptions in groups Structured Input Activity 2: (1.2, 1.3) In a version of Pictionary, students are split into 2 teams. One student has a minute to draw as many words as he/she can while her team guesses the vocabulary word in the TL.  Put words in which the students had difficulty back into the pile Assessment and Wrap-Up: (1.1) Output Activity: Students will each receive a worksheet of a classroom with lines next to all the vocabulary words. They will label them in the TL. Interpersonal Communication: Students will have 5 minutes to check answers with a partner and check spelling. Closure: We will check answers as a class. Post-teaching reflections:

Notes TPR with small objects, then big objects Split room into 4 groups

15 min

5 min 5 min 5 min

ESTIMATED *Lesson Plan (Handouts or Overhead): TIME: