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As a clan we chose 'Cities' unit topic for our final boss challenge. We chose this topic because we
considered that while students were learning the lesson, they would enjoy it at the same time.
Also, we ourselves are interested into different parts of the world and really excited about
sharing this feeling with our students.
We spent most of our time on selecting media and materials which were suitable to our lesson
content and level of our students. Also, we took our students' interests into consideration and
tried to use colorful and attractive objects to draw their attention. In the other step we spent time
on was utilizing media and materials. To present the topic we used Prezi and we made a concept
map to make a picture about the topic in students' mind. We prepared an animated video which
included the images of cities by using Stupeflix. Then, we made an interactive magazine incase
the students want to get more information about the cities. Lastly, we prepared a quiz which
would evaluate their knowledge about the topic. That's how we tried to utilize the selected media
and materials.
For our topic, the students should know present and past time in English. Also, they should know
basic things such as greetings, excuses. For the first week, we will present the topic by using
Prezi. Second week, we will show them the video we have prepared to reinforce their
knowledge. Through the lesson, we will revise the tenses. For the last week, we will show them
flash cards including sentences about giving and asking directions. Then, we will end the lesson
with an easy quiz about the cities' places.
Our objectives were making the students aware that there are famous and historical places all
around the world. While we present the topic, we also aim to reinforce their knowledge about
tenses and gain them some speaking skills which will help them a lot in their daily lives.
We decided instructional methods, media and materials by thinking the content of our topic. As
our topic is based mostly on visuality, we have used various kinds of web tools to enrich our
topic and to make the learning permanent. For example, we will make the students do role-play
about giving directions to each other. Also, we will prepare a fill-in-the-blanks sheet including
matching of cities according to the countries they belong to.
Our instructional theory is based on Content-based Theory. Also, because there is a possibility
for the students not to understand the lessons, we have used a little Grammar translation method.
Moreover, we used Cooperative Learning to increase interaction among the students and gain
them some social behaviors and improve their personality in a positive way. The students will
explore interesting content and will be engaged in appropriate language-dependent activities.
Learning language will become automatic. Complex information will be delivered through real
life context for the students to experience beforehand. This theory is learner centered rather than

teacher centered. I mean students learn through doing and they are actively engaged in the
learning process. Thus, we will be sure that they will be active enough to engage in the
We planned to utilize these instructional methods, media and materials according to the guideline
provided by our instructor.
There are parts in our lesson plan that the students need to participate such as role-playing,
question-answer and small group discussions. It is important for students to participate in the
lessons. Otherwise, the things they have learnt in the lessons will not be permanent. That's why
our lessons involve some speaking activities.
We planned to observe our students throughout the lessons and if necessary to give them
immediate feedback. Also, we prepared a quiz to measure what they learnt from the lecture.

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