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Ozark Natural Science Center

ONSC Corps Overview

The Ozark Natural Science Center is fortunate to have an extremely strong group
of long-standing supporters and donors. However, it is challenging for many
individuals who are passionate about ONSC to provide volunteer service due
to the distance to our remote facilities. Additionally, many ONSC supporters
and donors who feel particularly strongly about our work and our mission may
not feel comfortable providing volunteer support through activities such as trail-
clearing or work at the facility.

The ONSC Corps is intended to provide an outlet for service, opportunities

to align specific skills with specific needs and a deeper connection between
members and the Center. The Corps is driven by a volunteer chair appointed
annually. Our 2010 Chair is Candice Haines of CCF Brands. The group holds
quarterly meetings in the Northwest Arkansas business community to recruit
members, identify service areas and assign duties. Quarterly meetings will also
provide networking with a purpose for members who support the mission of the
Ozark Natural Science Center.

Examples of service areas or subcommittees might include:

• A public speakers’ bureau

• Volunteer support for area fairs, festivals and farmers’ markets
• On-site labor at ONSC for deferred maintenance and other needs
• Weekend hosts for facility rentals
• Back-up support for program and camp chaperones

The ONSC Corps is envisioned as a volunteer army of individuals who support

the Ozark Natural Science Center with their deeds as well as their dues. Annual
membership is $50, reflecting the “above and beyond” commitment of Corps
members to the ONSC mission. Members will receive newsletters, e-updates
and an item (t-shirt, hat or license plate) of their choice as well as the ONSC
Annual Report and an invitation to the ONSC Members’ Weekend.
ONSC Corps members will have their names listed on the website and may
connect and plan activities with other members via a dedicated online portal.

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