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Urban Design Toolkit

Urban Design Toolkit

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Published by: casanerd on Jun 15, 2010
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What it is:

A coalition of leading urban design organisations, professionals or professional bodies
promoting quality urban design.

What it’s useful for:

Outcomes of urban design are not the exclusive province of any one profession or group. Only
through collaboration and joint activity can quality urban design be achieved. An urban design
network can promote quality design, support continuing professional development events and
bring together different urban design professions and professionals.

How it’s done:

Through a formal association or liaison of professionals or institutes with a clear commitment,
mission or set of criteria that joins the members of the group together to support and promote
quality urban design.


Urban design champions network: http://www.mfe.govt.nz/issues/urban/design-
protocol/champions.html. A network for signatories to the Urban Design Protocol.

Urban Design Group, United Kingdom: http://www.udg.org.uk/. Is a campaigning
membership organisation that was founded in 1978. The Urban Design Group produces
the Urban Design Journal and the Urban Design Source Book, plus organises events
seminars, conferences and overseas study tours.

Urban Design Alliance (UDAL), United Kingdom: http://www.udal.org.uk/. Is a network
of key professional and campaigning organisations that was formed in 1997 to promote
the value of good urban design in the United Kingdom. They organise the Urban Design
Week and are partners in the development of Placecheck.

Urban Design Alliance Queensland: http://www.udal.org.au/. Is an organisation
representing the design professions and other related groups that are committed to
improving the quality of urban life through out Queensland, Australia.

Urban Design Forum, Australia: http://www.udf.org.au/. Began in Melbourne in 1986
and has published a quarterly Urban Design Forum magazine. They initiate seminars and

Urban Design Toolkit


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