Indian Multiplex Industry ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY One of the fastest growing sectors of the economy is entertainment industry.

Entertainment today dictates our lives, education, careers, earning money, all lead to the quest for higher and sophisticated entertainment. One seeks knowledge to improve the quality of life. The quality of life improves when the basic requirement of life are supplemented with entertainment in some form or other. Current scenario the entertainment industry is totally different from the past, as the modes of media used for providing services were different before the 20th century when compared with the present media. This can be explained properly with the bifurcation below Traditional live entertainment industry:  Theater   Play writers Actors and Theater directors

 Music industry    Composers and Songwriters Singers and Musicians Orchestras

 Publication industry     Authors Journalists Publishers Printers

The 20th century mass media industry:  Film studios  Cinemas  Broadcasting 1

Indian Multiplex Industry  Record industry  Theme parks  Discothèques

As per the current scenario, cinemas play an important roll in giving social messages and they also have an impact on a large number of people .cinema is also known as a movie theatre. A movie theater or cinema is a location, usually a building for viewing movies. In particular one for the general public, one can enter after buying a ticket. There are often several rooms, each showing another movie. Some movie theaters are converted from conventional theaters and some theaters may be temporarily converted to show the movies. Some outdoor movie theaters are just cleared areas where the audience sits upon chairs or blankets and watch the movie on a temporary screen, or even the wall of a convenient building. Movie theaters usually sell various snack food and drink which often represents the real income of the business. Some movie theaters forbid eating and drinking inside the viewing room, while others encourage it. Indian Film Industry Indian Film Industry is a part and parcel of entertainment industry. It is most popular and affordable mass entertainment media in India. Almost 1000 movies are produced every year, so it is very critical to manage this industry, to manage its distribution, exhibition, etc. Present Status:  No National player  Most centers owned by individuals  Lack of ability to acquire attractive content  Piracy  High entertainment tax rates 2

Multiplex are one of the means of lifestyle that offer to viewers the choice of watching a movie in a five star or three star environment. however. WHAT IS MULTIPLEX? Multiplex is a medium that offers a person composite entertainment comprising of a one stop destination to shop. dining. the possible income generating channels in a Multiplex can include. enjoying and watching a wide range of movies under a common platform. and dine and watch a Varity of movies under a common roof. entertain.Indian Multiplex Industry  Unsatisfied Consumers  Poor infrastructure  Ineffective service quality  No single entity of competitive size  Largest player has only 64 screens out of 13000 screens in the country. The Multiplex model is based on concept of umbrella entertainment built around a primary anchor. Some Facts about Multiplex  The word multiplex has two meaning. • Secondly it is a type of technology which is referred as Multiplexing with the help of this technology the same movie can be shown simultaneously in all the 3 .  The box office collections  Rent from display system  Food & beverage  Product lunch rentals  Promotions by companies to promote consumer goods. do not necessarily center on a single anchor. • Firstly it is a medium that often its consumers full entertainment including the pleasure of Typically. The revenue streams.

 Multiplexes in India are given benefits for their development as they form a major part of the entertainment industry. reduction in entertainment tax and so on are provided by the govt.  Lack of corporatized management. The Problems faced by The Industry  Indiscipline among filmmakers. human etc.  Lack of resources in terms of finance.  Presently there are approximately 13000 screens in India with equal number of space available for the same amount of theatres to be opened. 4 . Benefits such as overall tax concession.  Piracy leading to massive losses for the industry.  Reluctance of financial institutions to fund non asset based ventures  Lack of expertise to handle latest equipments.Indian Multiplex Industry screens of the Multiplex with minor difference of 3 seconds between their screenings. Limited studio space and lack of security lending to an expensive foreign locales resulting in drain of resources. This made the industry fragmented and disorganized.

There are more than 100 digital cinemas in India today. Space economies and the optimal utilization of the capacities are the major advantages or benefits that the multiplexes enjoy over single screen theatres. tax exemptions. Average Annual Expenditure 5 Percent Change in Consumer Expenditure . Other than the sale of the movies tickets. The digital revolution has helped the Media and Entertainment industry to go digital. Food & beverages is the major source of revenue for the multiplexes. Multiplexes captured the market as complete family entertainment centers. Most of the multiplexes in India are anchor tenants in the large format malls making a favorite destination for the youngsters as well as the families. Favorable demographics in a cinema-crazy nation. multiplexes are poised for high growth in India.Indian Multiplex Industry SCOPE OF MULTIPLEX The cinema exhibition industry in India is growing at 10% per annum driven by multiplexes. which are expanding rapidly in major metropolitan cities as well as second and third tier cities. are driving growth of multiplexes in India. They. With an increase in the incomes of the people and increasing expenditure on the leisure activities. along with the multiplexes have completely transformed the experience of the viewers. and quality locations such as malls.

4. Low margins and seasonal factors in the movie exhibition 6 . The low cost of production and high revenues ensure a good return on investment for Indian Entertainment industry. The film exhibition business’s fortunes depend on the success of the films they are showing 4. The growing middle class with higher disposable income has become the strength of the Entertainment industry. 5. 6. 2. Multiplexes with primes location with high Average ticket price & Strong brand equity WEAKNESSES: 1. Rapid development of digital technology and the advancement in the broadband and networking space 5. Change in the lifestyle and spending patterns of the Indian masses on entertainment. web-stores. multi. The Entertainment sector in India is highly fragmented. The lack of efforts for media penetration in lower socio-economic classes. 3. where the media penetration is low. 3.Indian Multiplex Industry SWOT ANALYSIS OF ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY STRENGTHS: 1. Entertainment is one of the most booming sectors in India due to its vast customer reach & a large customer base. Technological innovations like online distribution channels. 2.and megaplexes are complementing the ongoing revolution and the growth of the sector. 7. Indian film industry is second largest in the world and the largest in terms of the films produced and tickets sold.

buck' route being followed in the industry. the media sector is facing considerable uncertainty about success in the marketplace. 7 . Rise in the viewer ship and the advertising expenditure. The concept of crossover movies has helped open up new doors to the crossover audience and offers immense potential for development. 3. With technological innovations taking place so rapidly. The media penetration is poor among the poorer sections of the society. 5. The increasing interest of the global investors in the sector. Piracy. 5. etc and new distribution channels like mobiles and Internet have opened up the doors of new opportunities in the sector. 3. Increased competition from other entertainment sources like IPL.Indian Multiplex Industry OPPORTUNITIES: 1. 4. Lack of quality content has emerged as a major concern because of the 'Quick. multiplexes. 2. The Indian film industry is the largest film industry in the world in terms of number of films produced and tickets sold each year expecting growth will be continue in upcoming years in to producing movies. offering opportunities for expansion in the area. violation of intellectual property rights poses a major treat to the Media and Entertainment companies. THREATS: 1. Technological innovations like animations. affecting occupancy rates in Theatre. 2. High Real Estate price is a huge barrier to profitability of this sector. 6. 4.

 Attitudinal Change: Gone are the days when one used to think about saving the money by not going to the theatre along with the family to watch a movie and instead go out for a picnic to enjoy the whole day. Recently. Gradually.g. 8 . • Second is a “Multiplex with shopping Facilities and various Amenities” within its roof. E. Thus. games corner and so on. there is a high growth rate for the multiplexes in the entertainment industry.g. Fame Adlabs too opened its new multiplex in Malad within the mall named “Inorbit”. Thus. E. then multiplexes are the best option as they have everything from shopping stores to restaurants. these groups of people prefer to have an edge over others (middle and lower class) by viewing movies in a multiplex rather than a single screen theatre as it is a matter of pride and honor for them.000 theatres and there is a plenty of space and resources for an equivalent number of theatres to be started allover. Due to the high growth rate of the multiplex industry. Also. cafeteria. ‘R Mall has a multiplex ‘R Adlabs’ within itself. Imax Adlabs is a multiplex having within its games arena. a person can shop during the promotional activities carried out by various companies within the multiplex and take advantage of various benefits and offers provided by them. Thus there are two types of combinations found. Some of the other factors involved are given below:  Aspirations: There is a huge group of people who are very ambitious and have a status symbol (premium or the top class) or desire to possess it. various benefits are provided by the government such as overall tax concessions. cafeteria and other such amenities. this concept has changed now because if a person plans to spend his whole day for enjoyment along with his family. • One is a “Mall with a Multiplex”. reduction in entertainment tax and so on in order to motivate the industry person.  Combination of various facilities: The concept of satisfying the consumer under one common roof is growing rapidly allover the world.Indian Multiplex Industry WHY IS THERE A MULTIPLEX BOOM? In India there are about 20.

Administration and so on. child festival and so on. to organize such events many people from outside are involved such as decorators. Thus. A TYPICAL MULTIPLEX 9 . Also. people get a huge variety and range of movies to view. HDFC. when compared to the normal movie theater (Single Screen). Citibank and so on for product launches and various promotional launches.  More number of screens: This is one of the most important reasons for the multiplex boom. Vodafone. the movie timings are flexible and thus a customer can view any movie of their choice as per their availability and convenience. Now. caterers who indirectly gets employed.  Provides employment facilities even for those who are not involved directly: This is one of the interesting cases found in the multiplexes. This helps the consumer to enjoy his whole day at one common place instead of planning to go to various places in order to shop. roughly 3-5. As there are many screens in the multiplex. There are many departments involved in the smooth functioning of the multiplex such as Human Resource. the benefit that the multiplex has over the single screen movie theatre is the ‘risk minimization’ factor. Many of the multiplexes that have huge space such as Imax Adlabs organize many events such as children’s day.  Risk minimization: Also. These are more screens. Marketing. Also.Indian Multiplex Industry The relationship between the multiplexes and the malls is referred as the “Synergy Effect”. there is also a lot of employment scope for those people who are not involved directly in the multiplex industry. Due to this the turnover of audiences as compared to the single screen theatres are relatively very high. musicians. various company collaborations. and thus they work together to achieve the goals set up by the organization. The multiplex has various partners. It thus helps in satisfying the consumer with the required amount of amenities and facilities needed by bringing all the required resources under one common roof. dine and have fun with his family members. the risk is minimized when the space is let out to various corporate organizations such as Reliance. Food & Beverages. All these departments are employed directly as per the requirements. teacher’s day.

Also. There are lots of options available for booking the tickets such as advance booking.  Ticketing options: The ticketing options in multiplexes are very systematic as compared to a normal single screen theatre. special events such as Valentines Day. everyone doesn’t has a common liking or disliking for a particular product or service.Indian Multiplex Industry A typical multiplex has  4 Screens: A normal multiplex has 4 screens with 8-10 movies running as per schedules and thus giving the audience variety of choices to choose the desired movie. Imax Adlabs has Sarson Da Saag. tele-booking and current booking. fun house etc.  Entertainment: Entertainment facilities are available for the children within the multiplex arena in the form of games arcade. from enjoying to shopping.  Malls: The invent of malls within the multiplex and vice versa has made shopping easier as everything can be done under a common roof. Friendship Day and many more are organized which entertain the teenagers. internet booking. dinning etc.  Restaurants: They also form a part and parcel of the multiplex and satisfy the consumers with wide range of food and beverages. Spice of Italy and various other restaurants under its roof. Thus there arises the need for the market segmentation. home delivery. Psychographic and 10 . Thus. SEGMENTATION AND TARGET GROUP Market segmentation for Multiplex : Basically it is not possible for marketer to satisfy everyone in a market.  Cafeteria: The multiplexes also have cafeteria in their vicinity which gives the consumers limited options to satisfy their hunger and thirst as quickly as possible during the screening of the movies. one doesn’t has to spend a lot of time in booking a ticket as there are various options available. Its done on the basis of Demographic. Because.

25 – 44 yr. Westerner 3. the come up with three categories signifies different groups of people and their behaviour which plays a very important role in making decisions. animation. They are explained in the following ways: 1. Groucho 2. .) They visit the cinema halls occasionally (once’ in 3 month) Prefer to watch Hindi Thriller movies and also Regional movies. Come late to movies at least by 15 minutes. Age grp. Westerner: • This group consist of 5 % of Mumbai population residing in western part of the •Visit cinema hall regularly (Once per week) •Prefer to watch English movies as action. prefer suspense. Prefer to watch with spouse and children. 11 city. Geeks Groucho: • • • • • • This group consist of 32% of Mumbai audience (Premium grp. •Come 10 minute late to movie hall.Indian Multiplex Industry behavioural differences among the consumers. According to the research Multiplex owner has conducted. Thus segmentation helps marketer to identify Target market clearly and on the basis of that marketer plans strategies and attract the targeted customer. •For Hindi.

these medias are used to advertise intensively. Geeks: • This group consist of 27 % of the population from other part of the city. Multiplexes attract customers by various contests on he time of release of movie.Indian Multiplex Industry •Prefer to watch movie with family and children. Promotional activities and the new happenings along with new releases information been provide on website. journals. Radio City etc Web: Personal website for multiplex is used by firm to market the movie. Bookings also been done on website. war Dubbed English movies either alone or with friends • Enters 5 minutes late in the movie hall. SMS: 12 . poster etc. • Visit cinema hall frequently (Once in a month) • Prefer to watch hindi action. • Age group is of 15 – 24 yrs. Midday. •Age group is 35 – 55 yr. MARKETING MEDIA CHANNELS FOR COMMUNICATION: Print: Print medias such as Newspaper. pamphlets. Radio: Second most used medium. Eg. Bombay Times. magazines. Leading Radio stations Radio Mirchi.

Indian Multiplex Industry New trend setup by multiplex is use of mobile sms for marketing. Public relation: This activity supports all the activities which are used to promote multiplex. The database of numbers is collected from the customer who watch movies. reminder to bookers is been done via sms. 13 . Every section try their best to retain the viewer. Hoardings are placed both at populated place and in multiplex which attract customers. Different sections like. Thus along with multiplex are also promoted. Writing and giving any promotion and it take care of any misunderstanding between consumer and multiplex. cafe area and dome area and so on. Hoardings: This is used to recall customers about the movies being screened at multiplex. It works with the company that is promoting and markets both the company’s product as well as officials of multiplex. Tie-ups: Multiplex has tie-ups only when it has promotional activities to be conducted within its premises. new release movies. And then any promotional things. entertainment area. In –House Branding: This promotional activities been taken in the premises of multiplex.

 Café Marketing: This is an altogether new concept started and undertaken by multiplexes for marketing its movies. Here the eatables are named after the movies & various film stars during the release of much hyped & successful movies.  Special Events Marketing: the positive point that multiples gains over others is that along with the screening of various movies it also screens special event such as F1. cricket matches. friendship day. Multiplex also organize celebration of religious festivals as well as special days such as valentine day.g. press & media required special screening of movie show & also different types of eatables served within the multiplex is divided into two types namely:  Movie Marketing: this is one of the most important areas which is marketed & helps in creating a brand image for the company. Independence Day & republic day & events 14 . All above this with the help of various media channels. Also during such premier’s press & various media channels are invited to cover the whole premier event which has a positive effect on the multiplex. huge & extensive advertising is done for the movies which add to the recall value on the minds of the people. The café situated within the given arena in multiplex. Entertainment services include screening of movies. this act as s “synergy effect” and thus more & more number of people become aware about the multiplex and its day to day activities. E. various documentaries and social messages that are to be passed n community.Indian Multiplex Industry MARKETING STRATEGIES Entertainment Marketing: Marketing of entertainment services is referred as entertainment marketing. The main focus is to market the movies that are big screened along with creating & making aware the people about the multiplex. As stars are called for the premiers of special movies along with outside people. their premiers. It basically helps in promoting its movies with the help of eatables sold in the cafeteria within the premises of the multiplex. The concept became a huge success and now a separate section is being for the Bengali dishes. Fame Adlabs during the release of the movie “Choker Bali” arranged special Bengali dishes relating with the theme of the movie.

It was a huge success for both made their customers satisfied & also lot more loyal customers for themselves.  Special Screening of Hollywood Movies: A new concept started by many multiplex is the screening of Hollywood movies at their theatres. 15 .  Tie up With Various Corporate: Multiplex has tie-up with many corporate associates as they help each other in their day to day activities. Their relationship is of “give & take” type. These special screenings are referred as “Midnight Matinees”. E. Movie shootings advertisements take place here because of the ambient factors & also space the surrounding. “Women’s Day Celebration” on 8th March in ‘IMAX’ by ‘Citibank’. Midnight Matinees is another innovative attempt on the part of multiplex to combine various elements of leisure & partying with cinema viewing. Also.  Movie Shootings & Advertisements: Multiplex also allows shootings for movies & advertisements as it helps to publicize & create a brand name for itself.g.Indian Multiplex Industry such child fest. Also it acts as a business activity as the movie makers are not given the premises free of cost. it arranges for many events & birthday parties as per the customers demands. Both of these go hand in hand. it is like the corporates organize or the host the events that are conducted in the multiplex & in turn the multiplex gives it sales indirectly. Such activities give unique experience to its customers who feel the same home & personalized atmosphere present there.

punctuality in Expected (the expected benefit) start timings of the show. Product level Generic (the basic benefit) Expectations made by the consumer Viewing space in the multiplex. Augmented (in addition to the expected benefit) 16 Apart from the good quality of viewing. view the movie with the latest technology. which are:  Product  Price  Place  Process  People  Physical evidence  Promotion Product Services offered are the elements that make up the total service package and include both tangible and intangible components. .Indian Multiplex Industry MARKETING MIX OF MULTIPLEXES Marketing Mix is the set of marketing tools that the organization uses to pursue its marketing objectives in target market. comfortable seating arrangements. one expects great ambience. Multiplexes forming a part of service industry have their own marketing mix. Cleanliness in the multiplex. Below the table are different product levels existing in multiplex and the expectations made by the consumers. helpful employees. Marketing mix decisions must be made for influencing the trading channels as well as the final customers.

Indian Multiplex Industry sophisticated interiors. Competition based pricing – in this method the price is determined on the basis of competitor’s price. the actual location of the multiplex. 17 . Thus. accessibility from various places. nowadays multiplexes have priced Rs. The main problem for creation of channels for services is that they cannot be manufactured in one place and distributed all over. Indian multiplex follow 2 methods of pricing: Cost based pricing – it is also referred as cost plus pricing. Potential (beyond the usual. Place includes the surrounding. To cope up with the prices of the single screen movie theatres. there is a very high variation in prices in the multiplexes when compared to the single screen theatres. Price The art of effective pricing is to establish a price level that is low to represent good level to the buyers but yet it should be high enough to allow the service provider to make his profit. reward system. Thus. Now the major competitors are single screen movie theatres and other multiplexes. facilities available and other place related factors. the price level of marketing mix is considered to be most critical component both from the economic as well the social point of view. pleasant surprise) Incentives provided by the multiplex. The rates for single screen theatres are Rs. 100 whereas the rates in multiplexes are Rs. 250. It is necessary to analyze all cost accurately and differentiate between fixed and variable costs in order to use the costs as a basis for pricing decisions. For eg. Place The place decision depends on the location and the distribution channel. It determines cost of service delivery as well as predetermined rate of profit in order to arrive at a price. 60 for its early morning shows that are screened regularly. They can be offered from either single outlets or multiple outlets.

CINEMAX and BIG CINEMAS are the best examples of an organization who has multiplex outlets situated at various places of the city and provides movie viewing services with latest technology. To design the process of a service various factors are involved such as location facility. People have a direct link with the profits of the organization and thus the management strives hard in developing “Customer Conscious Employees”. The service provider has to train and equip the frontline staff with the capabilities to perform the service. Process The process of a service refers to how a service is provided and delivered to the customer. It is the people. in order to deliver quality service to the customer. It also influences the employee’s performance at the time of service delivery process. design and layout for effective workflow. the customers rely on tangible cues. procedures and job definitions for service providers. This causes the service firm to integrate appropriate human resource practices into its strategies. Both these elements should be well coordinated in order to understand the potential impact and create the desired image of excellence in services. measures to ensure service quality. Physical Evidence In order to judge the quality of services. who play an important role in overall progress and development of the organization. The people’s way of dealing with its customers helps them to create a better image for the organization (multiplex) and this in turn help in creating good image in the minds of the people for the multiplex which in turn increases the profitability of the multiplex. the employees very often represent the firm and in many cases they are the services. Essential evidence are dominant features like the 18 .Indian Multiplex Industry FAME. Essential evidence and peripheral evidence are the two elements of physical facilities. Physical evidence thus aims at enhancing the customer’s perception of the services offered. extent of customer involvement. People In services. equipment selection and finally adequate service capability.

whereas the peripherals evidence are less dominant features such as the admission cards for its members (staff). Also promotion helps to create awareness among the customer. Thus physical evidence of multiplex can be summarized into:  Ambient factors • • Air Conditioning Excellent ventilation  Design factors • • • Uniform Appearance Extensive parking lot Spacious interiors  Social Factors • • • Well dressed employees Courteous Family atmosphere Promotion One of the key and the most important elements to marketing mix is promotion which is used for the purpose of encouraging sales and also helps to convey the customer the position of the services offered by the multiplexes. direct marketing. etc. 19 . These tools are used to create favorable response from the target audience.Indian Multiplex Industry building area of the multiplex. its parking area. postage and web. news papers. sales promotion. The tools used by multiplex industry for the marketing of services are advertising. signboards.

its location. many of these organizations give advertisements to be screened on the 4-screens. 20 . Induce Sales: Selling the services is one of the key issues of a multiplex. slides and signage. The brand visibility is done by making the people aware about the logo of multiplex. 4. The most important strategies are: 1. But now their main objective has been shifted to boost up sales with the help of many promotional activities. Induce first time trial: This can be done for those individuals or those groups of people who are unaware about such concept of the multiplex and the benefits derived from it. Out of the amount spent by the organizations for advertising 2% of it comes in the use for cinemas as a part of promotions. cafeterias. Also. 2. Brand Visibility: branding should be done in such a way that the people have good recall value for it which helps to increase sales. Also.Indian Multiplex Industry The biggest advantage to the multiplex is that it has a very wider area of scope to carry out its promotional as well as day-to-day activities. The increase in sale is possible only due to the promotional activities. Every multiplex has its own set of objectives when it follows the promotional strategies. one of the important reasons is that it is located in the centre of the city which makes it easily accessible from all the sides. 3. Their services include viewing of movies. Due to large space. entertainment arena and so on. many companies and organizations market their own product and services within the multiplex as they are able to target their own set of target customers. ‘making the multiplex familiar to one and all’ is accomplished. accessibility and various such factors. Awareness: The multiplex takes full care that its objective of. films.

Panipat. SERVICES OFFERD BY FUN CINEMAS AT CHANDIGARH The Fun Cinemas offers you one of the hippest and most happening experiences of cinema in Chandigarh . online booking.Indian Multiplex Industry PLAYERS OF INDIAN MULTIPLEX INDUSTRY 1) FUN CINEMAS Fun Cinemas is a cinema chain in India based in Mumbai owned by the Essel Group and promoted by E-City Ventures. Jaipur. After a successful launch of Fun Republics at Ahmedabad and Mumbai. for all game-based leisure options. and Agra.Fun Cinemas caters to the premium segment and promises facilities such as service-on-seats. the company has around 140 cinema screens: 45 ‘premium’ screens under the Fun Cinemas brand and 90 digital screens.000 digital screens by the year 2011. Fun Cinemas has a total of 55 screens in 16 multiplexes across India. with provisions to 21 . and a loyalty programme. Gulbarga. The locations are Chandigarh. The Fun republic of Chandigarh covers an area of 90. As of 2007. 250 Talkie Town screens and 1. ft. Ahmedabad. The company plans to have 300 Fun Cinemas screens. Currently.000 sq. The company operates with the brand name Fun Cinemas (the premium brand) and Talkie Town(the value brand) for all theatrical presence and cinema activity and Fun Gaming. Chandigarh is the third in chain of the nationwide integrated entertainment destinations being set up by E-City. Mumbai.

Samsonite. 2) INOX INOX LEISURE LTD INOX Leisure Limited is the diversification venture of the INOX Group into entertainment and is a subsidiary of Gujarat Flurochemicals Ltd. This Fun Mart features brands like Levi's. The adjoining Planet M is a meeting point of music lovers in the city and also features a virtual reality futuristic video games zone branded as Fun Gaming. A dedicated chunk of space at Fun Cinemas in Chandigarh caters to the shopping needs of the guests. Jony. and Fen Fang among others. It also houses the city's first Mc Donald's outlet. Tikka Express. Lee Cooper. a favorite among the tourists. Nzyme. Numero Uno. Adidas. the Fun Food Court featuring eminent brands like Sagar Ratna. Greg Norman. Gini & amp. and Ruby Tuesday. Dockers. Reebok. Lilliput. there is a world-class food court. Hangten.Indian Multiplex Industry park up to 300 cars. Emminent. Pizza Hut. Ethos. in every aspect right from the quality and choice of cinema to the varied services offered and eventually the highest market share 22 . The Fun Cinemas in Chandigarh is the multiplex associated with Fun Republic . Besides the multiplex. Oleega. INOX Leisure’s mission is to be the leader in the cinema exhibition industry. Café Coffee Day. Rockport. Provogue.

interiors of international standards. has given INOX access to an additional 9 multiplexes in West Bengal and Assam. Kanpur. Bhopal. Winner of the ‘ICICI Entertainment Retailer of the Year’ Award 2005. a selection of Hindi. With strong financial backing. TAAL Multiplexer 2006 and Emerging Superbrand of the year 2006 – 2007 Award. varied theatre food. stadium styled high back seating with cup holder arm-rests. Vishakhapatnam. All INOX cinemas have state of the art facilities in terms of modern projection and acoustic systems. Ahmedabad. Coimbatore. English and regional movies.Indian Multiplex Industry INOX has traversed its own path by bringing in a professional and service oriented approach to the cinema exhibition sector. impeccable track record and strong corporate ethos. Mangalore. construct and operate the prestigious multiplex in Goa that hosts the International Film Festival of India. etc. INOX has established a strong presence in the cinema exhibition industry in the short span of a little over six years since the opening of its first multiplex INOX currently operates 30 multiplexes and 109 screens in 21 cities making it a truly pan-Indian multiplex chain. INOX was also chosen post a nationwide tender to design. computerized ticketing and most importantly high service standards upheld by a young and vibrant team LIVE THE MOVIE only at INOX! 3) PVR CINEMAS 23 . INOX Leisure Ltd. Bhuvaneshwar. Hubli. will continue its expansion into places like Jodhpur. Its merger with CCPL (89 Cinemas). high levels of hygiene.

It is expanding to other parts of the country. the no-frills cinemas for consumers in tier II cities and the original PVR Cinemas targeted at the urban & semi-urban consumers. targeted at urban consumers in metros. with the opening of PVR Select Citywalk. and Bangalore. PVR Cinemas brought in a whole new paradigm shift to the cinema viewing experience: high class seating. state-of-the-art screens and audio-visual systems. PVR also currently operates India's largest multiplex. PVR additionally plans to invest Rs 300-400 crore to open 250 screens by 2010.Indian Multiplex Industry PVR (Priya Village Roadshow) Cinemas is one of the largest cinema chains in India. 4) BIG CINEMAS 24 . By introducing the multiplex concept in India. PVR Bangalore. PVR also has a strong presence in Lucknow. which began as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited. The company. As of 2009. began its commercial operations in June 1997 with the launch of PVR Anupam in Saket. After the tremendous success of Cinema Europa in Delhi. PVR commands a significant presence in New Delhi and NCR with 37 screens in 13 multiplexes. PVR Premiere. Indore. PVR Talkies. PVR has a total of 106 screens in 26 multiplexes across India. The company operates two other brands. where there are many other established multiplex. PVR Cinemas has introduced the concept of luxury viewing to Bangalore as well. especially in Mumbai with openings of PVR Juhu. Hyderabad. which has 11 screens multiplex which includes two ultra premium cinemas known as the Gold Class and two luxurious auditoriums called Cinema Europa PVR recently launched its premium brand. India's first multiplex.

The company is also working towards establishing presence in Netherlands and has associated with Pathe Theatres to begin screening Indian movies.5 million Tamil population. but also taking over current properties.Indian Multiplex Industry BIG Cinemas. taking advantage of their considerable existing infrastructure and brand value. a member of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group(ADAG). a division of Reliance MediaWorks Limited. US and Malaysia and Netherlands and caters to over 40 million consumers. In Malaysia. It is also launching the first megaplexes in the country BIG Cinemas has also successfully created a pan US footprint and the circuit accounts for about 30-35% of Hindi features box office collections and over 70% of Tamil and Telegu box office collections from the US. renovating and operating them. a kilometer away from the Taj Mahal. is India’s largest cinema chain with about 516 screens spread across India.After pioneering the IMAX experience in India. This is being achieved through a strategy of not only setting up standalone properties and cinemas in malls. it recently launched 3D and 6D technology and is the only cinema chain to screen films in all three formats. Over the years. BIG Cinemas is committed to providing audiences across India over all economic strata. the company now has a strong presence of 66 screens that plays Hollywood features besides Chinese and Tamil films to cater to the 1. which has pioneered the multi-sensory cinema experience in India through a six-dimensional show. BIG Cinemas has also partnered with IMAX Corporation to install IMAX’s new world class digital projection system in BIG Cinemas’ 25 . BIG Cinemas has created iconic destinations such as BIG-Cinema Park in Agra. access to BIG Cinemas' world-class cinemas.

BIG Cinemas is thereby the only cinema in India which screens films in both 3D and 6D formats. 26 . This new technology marks the first digital IMAX location in India and enables BIG Cinemas to take advantage of the growing slate of Hollywood releases in IMAX and IMAX 3D.Indian Multiplex Industry flagship IMAX theatre in Mumbai.

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