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English Study

English Study

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Published by: anon-569762 on Jul 09, 2008
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Realtor This is a nice apartment, Ms. Garcia. Look, here's a floor plan.
Eva Mmm...
Realtor There's a living room. There's a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom.
Eva Is there a balcony?
Realtor Yes, there is.
Eva And a dining room... is there a dining room?
Realtor No, there isn't a dining room. But there is a dining area in the living room.

Realtor Well, this is the kitchen.
Eva Oh, it's very small.
Realtor Yes, it isn't very large. But there's a stove, a refrigerator, and a space for a dishwasher.
There are some cabinets, and... um... there's a small shelf under the sink.

Eva Are there any windows in the bathroom?
Realtor No, there aren't. But there are two large windows in the bedroom.
Eva Good. It's a very nice apartment. Uh, where is the bathroom?

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