Meaning of C:• C is a general purpose structured programming language. • C language consist of set instruction which would be used to develop system programs. • Now-a-days. . C has become a common programming language for every application developer.

USA • The principle author of C is Dennis Ritchie • Derived from two languages BCPL B-Language .History Of C:• It was developed at Bell Telephone Laboratory.

Ken Thompson. Brain Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie jointly gave definitive description for C.• In 1967. developed B language • Finally In 1972. BCPL was developed • In 1970. • In 1978 a detailed description of the C Language .

Characteristics of C:• General purpose programming language • It is structured programming language • Helps in development of system software • It has rich set of operators .

• Supports a rich set of data types • Very less number of reserved words .• Portability: Any c program can be run on different machines with little or no modification.

• System software:Operating system Interpreters Compilers Assembler .Application of C • It is used to develop the system as well as application software.

• Application Software:Data base System Graphics packages Spread Sheets Office Automation Tools Word Processors .

} user defined function . statements.Basic Structure of C Program:Preprocessor statements global declarations. main() { declaration.

sum. getch(). } Output sum of two numbers=30 . b=20.A Simple C Program #include<stdio.h> #include<conio. sum=a+b.b.sum).h> void main() { int a. a=10. printf(“Sum fo two numbers=%d\n”.

• Very limited support for object-oriented programming. .Drawbacks of C:• No standard libraries for computer .graphics and several other application programming needs.

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