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Wilcock - the Divine Cosmos

Wilcock - the Divine Cosmos

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Published by: Mari Geiger-Howiler on Feb 08, 2011
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Figure 8.1 – The Basic Structure of the Heliosphere (Courtesy NASA)

Devastating earthquakes, 400% more frequent just since 1973. [22]
Volcanoes belching dust, smoke and lava, 500% more than in 1875. [22]
Tornadoes in unexpected areas such as Maryland, 200% more frequent than
50 years ago. [15] Unprecedented mega-hurricanes sweeping across
coastlines. [15] Blistering heatwaves, and winters without snow. Wildfires
raging across continents. Crippling droughts and / or unprecedented floodings.
Ever-climbing numbers of mass species extinctions. Massive heatings in the

Atlantic and Pacific oceans. [3] Gigantic chunks of ice falling off of the polar
icecaps. Solar activity so energetic that many satellites were not built to
withstand the sudden increases, shattering all previous expectations. [15]
Catastrophic Earth changes, such as earthquake and tornado activity,
emerging within days of major solar events. [15, 31]

These are the events of our daily lives, and once they arrive in our
backyards, we are forced to pay attention. The womb of the sofa, television
and remote control provides no haven when the ground is shaking, the grass
is scorching, ferocious winds are whipping, the seas are empty of fish, and
food crops wither within weeks as the rivers run dry.

The phenomenon of “synchronicity” has again occurred just two nights before
we post the entire Part One of this book online for the public, on Tuesday,
June 04, 2002. As posted on the Drudge Report [46], then later in the
mainstream press [45], suddenly it’s official: the US government says “global
warming” is real.

In a stunning U-turn for the Bush administration, the United States has sent a
climate report to the United Nations detailing “specific and far-reaching
effects” that it says “global warming will inflict” on the American environment…
Also for the first time – the White House places “most of the blame for recent
global warming on human actions – mainly the burning of fossil fuels that send
heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,” the NEW YORK TIMES
is planning to report on Monday Page Ones, according to publishing sources…
[emphasis added]

The United States will be substantially changed in the next few decades,
claims the Bush report. The United States will “very likely” be seeing the
“disruption of snow-fed water supplies, more stifling heat waves and the
permanent disappearance of Rocky Mountain meadows and coastal marshes…
The new report’s predictions present a sharp contrast to the administration’s
previous statements on climate change, in which President Bush always spoke
in generalities and stressed the need for much more research to resolve
scientific questions.”

Despite these often-discussed changes, only a very small number of people,
mostly Russian scientists, are aware that the entire Solar System(heliosphere)
is experiencing these changes. [15] “Global warming” from CFCs and fossil
fuel usage is actually only a minor player in the changes that are now
occurring. This chapter of our book will present the case for the energetic
transformation of the Solar System in a form never before seen worldwide,
prior to the exact day that the US government came clean. As with the rest of
this book, we ask that we be credited for compiling this data as it now stands,
and linked to DivineCosmos.

The burning desire for an answer has produced many conflicting ideas about
what is causing these ever-increasing changes. Outside of government
admissions of “global warming,” the theories that have propagated in the
Internet metaphysical subculture do not require much scientific substantiation,
simply a general feeling of impending doom coupled with a great degree of
faith. As one popular example, a relatively uncommon planetary alignment on
May 5, 2000 was heavily hyped up as being the trigger-point for Earth crustal
displacement / pole shift, “the ultimate disaster.” Asteroids are said to be

about to strike the Earth. And more recently, legitimate research by Zecharia
Sitchin has been combined with intuitively “channeled” speculation that the
missing planet Nibiru is about to make a close pass to Earth in 2003. This
mythical scenario has been used as a catch-all to explain away the changes
we now experience.

Dr. Sitchin himself has calculated that the planet Nibiru shall not return until
some time after 2160 AD. [47] One would expect that such a massive object
enjoying an established 3,600-year orbit would now be glaringly visible, with
less than a year before it screams into our lives, larger than the Moon in the
night sky. Yet, no observational evidence exists, only shadowy rumors of
conspiracy and “leaks” from nameless “informants” in the astrophysics
community. Furthermore, a naturally-orbiting planet would certainly not be
capable of causing such massive energetic surges throughout the entire
heliosphere, which is the combined entity of the Sun’s massive magnetic field
and all orbiting bodies within it. Indeed, an outside source of energy is
required to explain the anomalies that we are now witnessing. However, most
people who already believe in Nibiru 2003 will probably not be open to
alternative perspectives until some time after the popping of champagne
corks and a collective sigh of relief on Jan. 1, 2004.

In this chapter, we will make the strongest single case ever that our Solar
System (heliosphere) is moving into an area of higher aetheric energy density
within the local interstellar medium, or LISM. [15] NASA would loosely define
the LISM as “the space medium (i.e. aetheric energy in this model) between
the stars in our local area of the galaxy.” In our model, this could be roughly
thought of as a “Dimensional Shift” that is already underway, though the term
“matter-energy density shift” is preferable. As we move into this new field of
energy in the galaxy, tremendous changes occur in the Sun, the planets and
the Sun’s gigantic magnetic field which surrounds the entire system – and
human pollution-induced “Global Warming” has very little influence on this
process. [This new model has major differences from the channeled “Photon
Belt” theory as well, and should not be seen as supporting most aspects of it,
such as the “Manasic Ring.”]

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