Limitations of DSS

(a) DSSs cann’t replace human decision making talents such as creativity, imagination or intuition. (b) (b). DSSs are generally designed to be narrow in scope of application. This prevents their generalized use to multiple decision making contexts. (c) Languages and command interfaces are not sophisticated of user directives and in queries. (d) The power of DSS is limited by the computer system upon which it is running, its design and the knowledge possessed by it at the time of its use. Although DSSs can make decision process more effective for the human decision maker, however, they cann’t overcome or prevent the actions of a poor decision maker. The use ultimately controls the process and must understand when to use a DSS to use,and, most importantly, to what degree to depend on the output and information obtained from the DSS. DSS should be used as a valuable tool in the process of decisionmaking rather than as a mechanism that makes the decision.

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