Step 1 : Sometimes all you need to do is re-register the windows installer service and everything is fixed.

So you might want to try this step first before proceeding to the ultimate solution of the problem.
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Click on the start menu and click on ³Run´ (XP), or the start search box for Vista and type in ³Msiexec /unregister³ Do the same thing with this command ³Msiexec /regserver³

If the solution above did not resolve your problem then you can go ahead and install the latest and stable version of windows installer. Follow steps below.
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Download the latest Windows installer 4.5 from the Microsoft¶s website. Follow the instructions and download and install the windows installer file according to your system requirements. To install windows installer just double click on the downloaded file. Once installation is finished, restart your computer. After the restart make sure the windows installer service is running. Just go to the start menu and click on ³Run´ for XP and type in ³services.msc´ For Vista just use the ³start search´ box and type in ³services.msc³. When you are in the services window look for the windows installer service and make sure that it is started. If not then make sure that the startup type is set to ³Automatic´ and start the service. After doing all the steps, continue installing/uninstalling your software. It should work by now.

Alternative solution: - Go to control panel. - Under Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services - Right click on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service and click on properties. - Select Log In Tab

Script: C:\DOCUME~1\Ramesh\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\ .-Select Log As ³Local System account´ and tick ³Allow service to interact with desktop´ .com/kb/949140 Step 4 : An error occurs while installing the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Symptom When you attempt to install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.dll Press Enter. Resolution Click Start.Restart your computer. Step 2 : http://www.dll is missing or corrupt.vbs Line: 1 Char: 1 Error: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed Code: 8007045A Source: (null) Cause This error occurs is the scripting runtime file scrrun. Code: 8007007E Source: (null) Script: C:\DOCUME~1\Ramesh\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP0000. one of the following errors may Step 3 : http://support. Run and type: regsvr32 scrrun.TMP\StartMsi. and the installation does not complete successfully.vbs Line: 1 Char: 1 Error: The specified module could not be found.

Alternately.dll being missing from your machine .6 from the following URL: Download details: Windows Script 5.x/update/ From there. which may be the Windows XP CD-ROM or the ServicePackFiles\i386 folder in the hard disk. The missing scrrun. but there is no solution posted to fix. This script does the initialization task.dll from the source.dll If the fix is successful try running the install again.VBS is given below: Set fso=CreateObject("Scripting.exe engine from Microsoft site. and then invokes the setup.FileSystemObject") If scrrun.If you receive the error The specified module could not be found or similar. The failure appears to be occurring because the installation script cannot obtain Scripting.and the problem may be specific to your machine configuration. the other response below is correct. This is most likely due to registrations belonging to your Windows ScrRun. Step 6 : Hi.dll should be restored automatically. This is what to do: .FileSystemObject. the above code returns an error (as mentioned in the Symptoms section of this article) Step 5 : It's real simple to solve this problem. Click on the orb/start menu and type in the search box regsvr32. you may have to expand a new copy of scrrun. I had the same issue and I all did was update my software online by visiting the FlipVideo website: http://www. You can download Windows Script 5. all you need to do is fill out the three of four blank fields and it will update your software so it will install without a problem. you can reinstall the Windows Script 5. The first line of the StartMSI.6 for Windows 2000 & XP More Information The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility installation wizard extracts a script file to the TEMP folder. Step 7 : When getting this error message.dll file is missing or corrupt.

download this to reinstall VBScript to fix the files needed to run the cleanup utility: use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility found herehttp://support. and get a message that a library wasn't registered.Here is the like I If you have problems installing Step 8 : VB script reinstallation http://www.mspx . To get rid of programs that do not install correctly and are therefore not found in Add/Remove programs.

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