Customer Refund Integration in Oracle R12

Dave Trch TUSC February 27, 2009

March 09

Agenda Customer Refunds Prior to R12 R12 Integration Options Available R12 Manual Refund Process Example Required Setups – Manual Refund Automated Refunds 2 .

there were essentially two refund options: Manual processing: Create a debit memo in AR. apply the unapplied cash or credit Set up the customer as a supplier in AP Create an invoice in AP for the refund amount and issue the payment Automated processing.Customer Refunds Prior to R12 Prior to R12. create a custom-developed process 3 .

R12 Refund Options Available Initiation of a customer refund by application of a credit or unapplied cash to a refund receivables activity Automated refund generation based on credit memos generated by Autoinvoice Check refunds Credit card refunds 4 .

R12 Manual Refund Process Example Unapplied customer cash 5 .

6 .R12 Manual Refund Process Example Receipt application window. choose the Refund application type.

R12 Manual Refund Process Example Click on the Refund Attributes button. select the appropriate Payment Method. Save your work. 7 .

R12 Manual Refund Process Example Click on the Refund Status button. 8 . Review the AP invoice generated and ready for payment based on due date.

9 .R12 Manual Refund Process Example Oracle uses seeded Receivables Activity and workflow to auto-create the AP invoice. Notice that a supplier number is not indicated on the AP invoice. Oracle does not create the customer as a supplier.

10 .Required Setups – Manual Refund Create a Recivables Activity for the Type of Refund.

depending on your policy.Required Setups – Manual Refund Set up a disbursement bank account or use an existing account. 11 .

Automated Refund Fully-Automated: Autoinvoice can be set up to automatically create a refund Credit Memo and without any user intervention generate the refund. Receivables submits a refund request to Oracle Payments. Payments refunds the same credit card used for the original transaction. using Payments to create the disbursement. Imported credit memos can apply to credit card or non-credit card transactions. 12 . Receivables submits a request to Payables. For non-credit cards. This would be used when importing a credit memo against a paid invoice. For credit cards.

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