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Life Style Without Food

Life Style Without Food


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Published by param5
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.

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Published by: param5 on Sep 24, 2008
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If you or your relatives have ever fasted, you probably know what it means
to feel cold during fasting. Although it is warm outside, the fasting person
has cold hands, feet, nose and even ears. The person may even be sniffing as
if he/she had a cold. All this happen despite the person being warmly

I have see with my own eyes and have been told about “non-eaters” who
were dressed so warmly as if it was winter, although the temperature was 25
degrees Celsius. Their hands were blue with cold, their face was suffering
and their body was covered up because of the cold they were feeling. One of
my acquaintances have even said: “It is difficult but quite usual to feel cold
when fasting.”

The human feels cold not because of insufficient clothes or low temperature.
Of course, the society suggestion has formed some human reactions which
result in the body feeling “cold” or “warm” depending on the temperature.

The main factor in feeling the temperature is the amount and the way of us
ing energy in the human body. To put it simply, if there is enough energy the
person does not feel cold even if it is frosty outside and, similarly, does not
feel hot in the heat. The person will feel well in a much larger range of tem
peratures. But if energy is lacking, or the person does not know how to use it
to control temperature perception, then he/she feels too cold or too hot.

You can conclude from this that if during fasting you are suffering because
of feeling cold, you can help yourself by concentrating on releasing the in
ternal energy. To make it happen, things like energizing exercises, visualiza
tion and alternate shower (with cold and hot water, described below) are
useful. Doing them regularly will make the person free from susceptibility to


Drinking a lot of hot drinks, is not a good solution. At the time of drinking
and shortly afterwards you feel warm, but at the same time the body is load
ed with too much water, which overloads the eliminative system.

The flow of energy (and resulting susceptibility to temperature) causes what
we call feeling cold or warm. You can easily learn that feeling cold or warm
is subjective and depends on managing your internal energy. If you concen
trate on releasing warmth, after a while you can feel a difference. So when
you practice the contemplation of the warmth, this will allow you to repro
gram the instinct in the way that will enable you to always feel comfortable
regardless of the temperature.

The physical factors most affecting your feeling of external temperature are
mainly the functions of the intestine, liver and spleen. So if these organs do
not function perfectly, they block the circulation of energy. By simply clean
ing the large intestine, which will clean the liver automatically, makes the
person feel the energy better, not feel so cold in the winter and perspire less
in hot summer.

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