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Flirting Formula

Flirting Formula


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While friends talk about hobbies, the weekend and gossip there is one form of
communication that two friends never engage in together. Flirting is more than
telling jokes, being funny and being confident.


Sexual flirting speaks right to a woman’s core and allows her to understand you
in her language. While men tend to think very logically and straight down the
line, women think emotionally.

When interested in men women hit and tease them , while women who
aren’t interest tend to stay in demographical “So where do you live?” sorts of
conversations. She can be ‘interested’ in your conversations, which can go for
hours, but she’ll never feel ‘attracted’ to you.

Women are different creatures; therefore they think, feel and act differently. If

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 47 www.FlirtingFormula.com

you want women to realize you’re the man she’s been searching for you need to
speak suggestively. You don’t do this by saying how beautiful she looks but rather
by saying she’s a bad girl. While sexual flirting is probably the most powerful
type of flirting that exists, it is also the most difficult to understand.

What makes this form of flirting so powerful is the intent. Instead of just talking
about each other you’re playfully suggesting that you should ‘be together’
without actually saying it. If you said, ‘you know, we would fight all the time’
you’re communicating the possibility of dating without saying stupid like, ‘I
think you’re very beautiful and I’ve liked you for a long time now. Will you go
out with me?’

If you add sexual innuendos and suggestive comments to your emotionally
intense playful arguments or conflicts you’ll create magic.

Suggest Attraction

“It’s because you want me”

Be bold. Be brave and say this with confidence. You never know she may start to
like you after your confident statement. She doesn’t have to like you but the idea
of sexual flirting is getting women to think about the statements you say. You can
recycle this joke over and over during your interaction by saying, “Sarah! Stop
liking me so much!”

“No funny business Ok? I don’t even know you yet”

If she wasn’t thinking about sex before she will be after this statement.

Understand that suggesting attraction only works if the woman finds you
socially fun and interesting; if you’re boring and have nothing to talk about
then you’ll just come across totally weird. Could you imagine saying, ‘No
funny business Ok?’ with low self-esteem and no confidence or social skills?
The woman would just flat out laugh at you.

Role Play Coupling

“We would fight all the time.”

Subtly implying how much you guys wouldn’t work out. This comment is great
when you’re having an emotionally intense playful conflict. It works like magic.

(At the cinema) “Hey let’s get married right now! We’ll get the popcorn guy to be the

Suggesting marriage sounds absurd to most men but if you do this playfully

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 48 www.FlirtingFormula.com

she’ll realize you’re independent, confidence and don’t take dating seriously.

Imply She’s Sexually Aggressive

“You’re such a bad girl.”

You can bring sexual ideas into the conversation without being shallow. There
are certain words, regardless of their context, that are always interpreted with a
sexual connotation. Words and phrases such as “innocent” “naughty” “bad
girl” “good girl” “trouble maker” “mischief maker” are great examples. Some
women actually play into the “Yes, I’m a bad girl” idea while others laugh and
try and convince you they’re not. Of course when she says, “Hey, I’m not
innocent!” implying she’s feisty and aggressive like a man, tell her you’re not
interested in a sexually aggressive woman.

On the other hand if she says she is innocent you can say you’re looking for
someone wild. Can you see what we’re doing here? Instead of always agreeing
with women you’re making them fight for your approval and showing them
you’re not so easily earned. Always flirt by offering the opposite opinion to the
woman, building conflict, which builds intense emotion required for playful

“Somebody’s feisty.”

Again this statement could be made at many appropriate moments to imply her
aggressive nature. You could say it:

When you’re playing with each other’s feet under the table

When you’re looking at her photo.

When she’s trying to take back something you stole.

When she touches you unexpectedly.

When she rests her hand on your leg.

Obviously statements like these can’t be used without a context. Never
memorized an entire script of dialogue to say around women because you’ll
come off totally weird and say things out of context in a strange rehearsed

Imply She’s Naughty

“What sort of mischief are you getting into lately?”
“What sort of trouble are you getting into lately?”

These statements work best to restart conversations. Use them when text

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 49 www.FlirtingFormula.com

messaging women or meeting up with them for a date. This statement is great for
re-starting up the flirtatious atmosphere between the two of you.

“You’re in so much trouble.”

While this works great after a comment she makes it can also work really well
straight out of the blue. Of course this evokes lots of curiosity as she wonders
why she’s in trouble? You don’t actually need a reason if she asks about why
she’s in trouble but you can always make up a playful one. While it’s important
to deliver this line smiling and playfully you can actually say it with a
completely straight face. Once you’ve said it you can crack the littlest smile to
show her you’re joking. Great situations to use this type of flirting are when

Meets you for her date (whether she’s on time or late)

Picks some food off your plate

Drops something or makes a clumsy mistake

Imply You’re A Man

HE JUST: jokingly said, “Come on I’ll buy you a diamond ring. No really I will!”

THAT MEANS: he isn’t easy to win over and has power when choosing who he dates.
He understands exactly how most losers’ act around me and is making fun of them. I
like him.

The general rule: Say things that dorks would seriously say or do and make them
sarcastic and playful. Most men buy women expensive gifts, call them every day,
do helpful things they would never normally do and even say they love them.
Use these behaviors to show you understand her. Other variations are:

“Come on I’ll only call you every-single day!”
“Come on I’ll buy you the biggest diamond ring money can buy. No seriously I will. I
really need to find a way to impress you.”
“Come on I’ll do your laundry.”

If the woman says, “You’ll really do my laundry?” act disgusted and say, “No!
What do you think I am you’re slave?” Don’t ever let her think you’re being

“I think I secretly love you. No really I think I’m going to stalk you everyday.”

This statement can only be said if you understand how to joke. If you said this in
a really plain tone of voice she would think you’ve being 100 per cent serious.
Can you see how what you say is nowhere near as important as how you say it?

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 50 www.FlirtingFormula.com

Playfulness has been emphasized in nearly every example during this chapter so
you can really understand the language of flirting. If you use any of these
techniques and you claim they don’t work, it’s because you’re saying it at the
wrong time or in the wrong way.

Sexual Actions

A significant part of being what women call “a real man” is taking charge in all
situations. Women often say, “I like a man who knows what he wants.”

Unfortunately this statement baffles most men.

A man who knows what he wants doesn’t ask for permission. He takes the
leadership role in every situation and expects others to comply. If you’re ever in
clubs or bars watch as the dominant men control the situation by approaching
women, talking to them, taking them by the hand and guiding them through the
club to another location. These men expect women to follow their lead. They
don’t politely ask – they just do it.

You might think this attitude seems rude or careless, but what you must
understand is that women want men to do this. Why do you think men who
ask, “What movie do you want see?” get responses such as:

“I don’t know.” “I don’t really care.” “You decide.”

Women want men to be the leaders. Men who ask women to make the
decisions get vague responses like the examples above because women want
men to lead. The woman is offering the man a chance to affirm his manliness.

“Real men” make decisions.

It may seem daunting to maintain this sort of control, but as the behaviors are
broken down into actions it will become clearer.

When women say they are attracted to strong men, they don’t mean physically
strong. They mean men who can control situations. But unless men start these
interactions they won’t ever get a chance to control them.

A masculine male begins by starting the conversation and continues to initiate
and advance to each logical step of the dating process. Here’s the basic list of
initiatives men take during their encounters with women: |


Meet the woman. 6. Set the date.


Lead the conversation. 7. Make all decisions.


Get her number. 8. End the date.


Call her. 9. Set further encounters.


Plan the date. 10. Establish intimacy.

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 51 www.FlirtingFormula.com

Men lack the courage to take control of situations for one reason: insecurity and
fear. “If I do that she won’t like me; she’ll leave me.” No! If you lead and
control all situations you’ll attract the women you’ve always wanted with
incredible consistency.

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