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mogul searching for priceless ore, he has destroyed everything in his frantic quest. However, what he has left strewn about within the wreckage is genius. Van Hunt brings a little bit of everything to this project: Hawaiian, spoken word, Avant-garde jazz, noise, funk, and more. The chaotic jumble has been marinated in the seductive nectar of pop so that the underlying allure of the artists tonal concoction always contains an intriguingly familiar essence. The seeming madness of his orchestrations are grounded by lyrics that offer piercing insights through concrete prose that is wildly colorful and inventive, yet precise and detailed.

Van Hunt WHAT WERE YOU HOPING FOR? godless-hotspot

Grammy Award winning Van Hunt (on his latest album): I feel like Ive finally shed the music that I grew up with. I made a record that doesnt sound like anything Ive ever heard before. You know what? He is absolutely correct! Imagine if Frank Zappa asked Jimi Hendrix to jam with Prince on songs he co-wrote with New Radicals Gregg Alexander! Yeah, its like that. Every once in a while, an artist shakes things up a little, but with this album Van Hunt has taken a bulldozer to the c u r r e n t m u s i c a l t o p o g ra p h y a n d completely obliterated the landscape. Like a maniacal musical strip mining Songwriters Monthly - Sept. 11, #140

The entire album is pretty much one continuous high point after another, but if youre looking for an entry portal into his maelstrom, the swirling Moving Targets or the astute Cross Dresser might be a good place to start. The staccato rhythmic jabs played against the smooth vocals on Eyes Like Pearls is another option. However, if youd prefer to just leap blindly into the mayhem, Watching You Go Crazy Is Driving Me Insane is the bold choice. W HAT W ERE Y OU H OPING F OR is a magical cacophony, a pure Elvis event that changes everything. It is not pretentious drivel spewed in hopes of being declared hip and different, it is an honest and pure artistic vision that also happens to be truly groundbreaking.