Analyzing scientific investigations 1. list and give a meaning of thermonogy 2. Identify variables in a given situation. 3.

Identify a question suitable for scientific investigation. 4. Form a hypothesis. 5. Design and carry out a sample experiment to test the hypothesis. Find out a meaning or give an example the words following bellow:• • • • • Inference Hypothesis Manipulated variable Responding variable Fixed variable A responding variable affected by manipulated variable Hypothesis:When ______________________ increased, the ___________________ will be increased or decreased. Aim:To study relationship between manipulated variable to responding variable Report format:Title Inference Hypothesis Aim Variables: • Manipulated • Responding • Constant Apparatus and materials: Diagrams: Procedure • Procedure to controlling manipulated variable. • Procedure to measuring responding variable. • Repeat experiments. Tabulated data (*optional if required) Data analysis. Conclusion

Format of scientific investigation

Inference Hypothesis Aim Variables Apparatus Procedure Tabulating data Conclusion


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