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Tariffs for 1 November 2006 to 31 October 2007

No. of Add. Add.

Unit type Rate Base Max. beds
units Adult Child
Camp site with power pt. 20 R110,00 1–2 6 people R38,00 R19,00
Forest Cabin 10 R370,00 1-2 4 R108,00 R54,00
Safari Tent - communal
5 R280,00 1-2 2 N/A N/A
Narina rustic bush camp -
communal facilities in 1 R600,00 1-4 8 R108,00 R54,00
Zuurberg section
Rondavel with view and
6 R620,00 1-2 2 N/A N/A
communal kitchen
Chalet (shower only) 1 R410,00 1-2 2 N/A R54,00
2 + dbl
Chalet (bath and shower) 21 R570,00 1-2 sleeper R108,00 R54,00
Chalet (semi-detached,
6 R570,00 1-2 2 N/A N/A
Cottage 7 R600,00 1-2 2 N/A N/A
Family chalet 1 R600,0 1-4 4 N/A R54,00
Guest house (Hapoor and
2 R1650,00 1-4 6 R190,00 R190,00
Matholweni Restcamp
Cottage 8 R570,00 1-2 2 N/A N/A
2 + Single
Family Cottage 3 R570,00 1-2 Sleeper R108,00 R54,00

Please note: All visitors pay a conservation fee to enter the

park. This fee should be added to the cost of the activity
when considering tariffs.

Guided Game Drives

Type of Time of Max. Min. Price per

drive drive persons persons person
Sunrise 06:00 74 2 R150,00
Morning 09:00 74 2 R150,00
Midday 12:00 74 2 R150,00
Afternoon 15:00 74 2 R150,00
Sundowner 18:00 30 2 including snacks
& drinks
Night drive 20:00 44 2 R170,00
• Each game drive lasts approximately 2 hours.
• Children under the age of 6 years not allowed on
these drives.
• Children under 12 years pay half price.

Eyethu Hop-On Guides

The Eyethu Hop-on Guides are a group of guides, sourced

from the communities adjacent to the park, who operate
their own business within the park, providing guiding
services for visitors in the comfort of their own vehicles.

Per 2 hour guided drive on your own vehicle

• For a car - R100.00

• For a minibus (kombi) - R150.00
• For a bus with 18 or less people - R200.00
• For a Bus with more than 18 people - R300.00

Note: Fees are payable directly to the guide

Operating Hours: 08h00 to 17h00

Meet the guides at the main entrance gate of the park or

book via

Self-Drive Game Viewing

Visitors may enjoy wildlife viewing in their own vehicles

during the opening hours of the park’s game gate. Opening
times change according to season.

In this case, the visitor pays only the conservation fee –

per day, or per night for overnight visitors.