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David Vitter Absent on African American Issues

David Vitter Absent on African American Issues

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Published by: LaDemos on Dec 29, 2011
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Vitter Shuns The Black Community At Home And In Congress, Too


On Civil Rights:

 Vitter Voted Against Alternative Election Reform Bill That Would Strengthen Voting Rights
Protections. In 2001, Vitter voted against a version of the election reform bill that would have strengthened voting rights protections. The underlying bill did less to ensure that voters would be protected from disenfranchisement at the polls. [Vote #488, Motion on HR 3295, 12/12/01; New York Times, 12/13/01]

 Vitter Said We Should “Get Rid Of” Affirmative Action. In 2001, Vitter criticized rules that make it
easier for minority-owned businesses to qualify for Department of Transportation contracts. Vitter said, “Programs tied directly to race, we need to get rid of.” [Times-Picayune, 8/4/01]


On Education:

 Vitter Voted For Bill That Cut Funding For 28 Louisiana School Districts By $2 Million. In 2003,
Vitter voted for the conference report on an appropriations bill under which the Department of Education cut Title I funding for 28 of Louisiana’s school districts by a combined $2 million for the 2004-05 school year. [Vote #676, Conference report on HR 2673, 12/8/03]

 Vitter Cast The Deciding Vote To Begin Dismantling Head Start. In 2003, Vitter cast the deciding vote
in favor of President Bush’s Head Start bill. The NAACP and child welfare agencies opposed the bill, which allowed for the dismantling of Head Start in certain states. [Vote #444, Passage of HR 2210, 7/25/03]


On Health Care:

 Vitter Opposed Creating LaCHIP And Recently Voted Against Expanding It To Cover Thousands
Of Additional Kids In Louisiana. In 1998, in the Louisiana Legislature, Vitter voted against establishing the Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program (LaCHIP), which – despite his vote – has provided health care to over 300,000 Louisiana children. In September 2004, Vitter voted against providing CHIP health care to thousands of uninsured children in Louisiana. [SB 78, Vote on 4/13/98; Vote #478, Motion on H.J.Res.
107, 9/29/04]


On Tax Relief:

 Vitter Voted Against Giving Millions Of Low-Income Families A Child Tax Credit That Other
Families Received. In 2003, Vitter voted in favor of denying 6.5 million low-income families a child tax credit refund that other families received. Over 250,000 Louisiana families were denied relief under the expanded child tax credit. [Vote #275, Motion on HR 1308, 6/12/03]

 Vitter Voted Against Providing Greater Earned Income Tax Credit Relief. In 2001, Vitter voted four
times against expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. He even called the EITC “a welfare payment.” The EITC lifts millions of American children out of poverty every year. [Vote #73, Amendment to HR 6, 3/29/01; Vote

Paid for and authorized by Louisiana Democratic Party

#74, Motion on HR 6, 3/29/01; Vote #42, Amendment to HR 3, 3/8/01; Vote #117, Amendment to HR 1836, 5/16/01; TimesPicayune, 10/2/99]

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