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are entitled to damages from lost business, legal fees and harassment by the city in their fraudulent attempts to push them out of business. Several business owners in the southern redevelopment district along 13th Street have had difficulty obtaining permits for business's or physical improvements to their buildings. This appears to be because the ladies on the council would like to force these owners out and put all redevelopment and business efforts in the hands of their real estate and development friends. If small business owners can be squeezed out, a monopoly of insiders can take over. Currently, there is a major move in our community to convert existing apartment buildings into condominiums. Former Councilman Dan Malcolm has been involved with some of these transactions. Two of these former apartments on north Seacoast Drive were granted a variance from the city's general plan which provides for two parking units per dwelling unit. The proximity of these two buildings is within 500 feet of both Winter's and McCoy's residences, making the granting of that variance a violation of the law. As has been the case for Winter and McCoy on many other votes, their personal financial interests overlap with government votes and the activities of SWIA. The City Clerk has refused to cooperate regarding public records on this issue other than to say, "The Council approved the variance."

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The Seacoast Inn was granted a variance by the Coastal Commission to rebuild to four stories rather than three. The Coastal Commission was lobbied by McCabe and Associates who were given $37,000 by the ladies on the council to lobby for the variance. McCabe and associates gave $500 to McCoy which would have precluded her voting on a license, entitlement or variance by law. Multiple members of the hotel owner's family gave contributions of $500 to both McCoy and Rose for the election two years ago. The contributions are not a violation of the law, however acceptance of a sum greater than $250 precludes them from voting on a license, entitlement or variance for one year. They voted on it anyway; in violation of the FPPC laws. Some of the most expensive homes in town are on south Seacoast Drive. Many of our wealthiest and most influential residents live in this neighborhood, which would like to be an exclusive gated community. Among them are Port Commissioner Mike Bixler, former Councilwoman Gail Benda, former councilman Dan Malcolm, council candidate Fred McLean and his wife Dee. South Seacoast also borders the Tijuana Estuary where SWIA, Winter and McCoy administrate almost $30 million of grant money. A little over a year ago, members of this exclusive part of our community with full support of the city council lobbied the State Coastal Commission to outlaw weekend beachfront property rentals. McCoy's and Winter's votes were illegal due to their involvement with SWIA and the proximity to SWIA's jurisdiction.

A council vote was held to change a street near the Sports Park and the Tijuana Estuary Visitors' Center to one-way. Although this is clearly within the 500 feet of the estuary where SWIA and the ladies have a financial interest, Winter and McCoy voted. The effect of the oneway street would clearly affect traffic at the entrance to the Vistors' Center where they have an interest. At a recent city council meeting, a building permit for the Vistors' Center was discussed and voted on. Councilman Rogers expressed concern that the building was not ADA compliant for handicapped persons and that the law stated that it must be brought into compliance before any future permit could be issued. He also said the Visitors' Center had been out of compliance

for more than nine years. Mrs. McCoy commented that she did not like bathroom doors painted blue, as required by the ADA federal law. A permit was issued without requiring the ADA upgrades prior to construction. McCoy and Winter violated FPPC law and Federal ADA law by this vote. T h e c i t y recently legislate d $75,000 to the production of a redevelopment newsletter. Although this amount exceed the budgets of both local newspapers, and although the city already has a newsletter, which it sends out, this money, if ever used for its intended purpose, will be nothing more than a propaganda piece to support the devious plans of our redevelopment agency (disguised as a legally elected mayor and between the couple who have been publishing the newspaper for the last two years has occurred and it is likely that ownership of the Sun is headed for court. Former owner Haskins is claiming to be the rightful owner, however, many documents exist which would indicate otherwise. It is unclear who will control the Sun when the smoke clears. The Sun has done an admirable job of trying to present the other side of many local stories even with the risks involved. It is the will of the political forces which started The Sun to regain control of the newspaper from those who might embarrass city officials by writing the truth.

city council). Rest assured, Mayda Winter and Fred McLean are firmly in the pockets of the political and development forces that dominate Chula Vista and the area around the new ballpark. One of McLeans' supporters is a former San Diego City Attorney who coordinated the ballpark project. After repeated appeals, the ballpark deal done by David Malcolm and former San Diego Council member Stallings is going back to trial. Malcolm already got his slice of the pie; a $3.1 million high-rise condo from John Moores' daughter. Our former I.B. Port Commissioner now lives in a beautiful house in Coronado. Where will these folks on our council be living after they have done their part to make the secret Master Plan a reality? Are they really interested in what is good for our neighborhoods and economy, or are they obligated to fulfill the demands of larger political and development interests. It's not hard to see the truth if you look ! The Sun has been under extreme pressure to print fluff and not substance. My hope is that a new Imperial Beach Sun can enlighten citizens to the treachery and corruption that permeates our civic leaders inner circle. Perhaps hearing some of the real truth will encourage voters to throw the ladies out of office. It's time to live and let live. That's what living in a beach town should be all about. To the voters of Imperial beach, and those of you who are not yet registered; keep watching! The Careys, on behalf of the ladies, will come up with last minute dirty tricks and more lies right before the election. That's what they do best.

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with the courage and the money to inform you of the real truth about the way government has been run in Imperial Beach and in the region. If the people of our fair city truly understood the agenda of our local political figures, they would not hesitate to oust them all ! The Imperial Beach Sun has taken considerable criticism as of late, for publishing stories unfavorable to the ladies on the City Council. A domestic dispute

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