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access at Palm Avenue; causing longer backups and delays. Nobody from our city council has ever attended a Chula Vista Bayfront meeting or commented in opposition to Chula Vista and the Port's plans. They can't. They are bought, lock stock and barrel, by the same people and agencies. The relationship between the Port Real Estate Division and the Redevelopment Agencies of several south bay cities is an unholy, if not illegal, alliance. Almost every person I know in Imperial Beach is having a struggle to pay their bills. The cost of living has skyrocketed over the last few years along with property values in Imperial Beach. While much of that increase is due to market factors, the reduction in available land for development by groups such as SWIA and its developer friends, have impacted the supply and demand ratio for available housing. Do the math. Less land for development + more people = more expensive housing! Add the families and support personnel for a few carrier task force groups and up goes the rent! That's just one of the reasons why the real estate, property management companies and developers support the ladies so strongly. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who bought a house here before the market went up, you support the ladies - with the mistaken impression that they are the parties solely responsible for your financial windfall. Your prosperity can be taken away from you in the

future by the ladies whom you support. While redevelopment may improve some of the physical aesthetic aspects of our city, it will also affect the demographics of future residents, and the tax burden that will come due from repayment for redevelopment bonds. A $12 million shopping center will require that $36 million be paid back! We get something pretty now and have to overpay later. With so many Navy personnel shopping at the Exchange, and heavy competition by other corporate stores, can this proposed development pay it's own way plus the interest? The developers get paid when the job is built. It is your tax increment that pays the bill. The next owner of your property will pay a hefty tax bill to payback the debt being incurred by this City Council acting as the Redevelopment Agency. With no ethics or oversight committee, the temptations to succumb to the developers is too great for these women, who claim to serve us. Enter the candidates Two City Council seats are open. Four candidates have entered the race. Councilman Rogers will not seek re-election and his seat is open. Councilwoman Mayda Winter is seeking another term. Who are these candidates and what do they represent for the future of Imperial Beach? Fred McLean is the husband of Dee McLean. Dee McLean was the campaign treasurer for Patricia McCoy. And both have a long history of activity with biketrails, wildlife refuges, and South Seacoast Exclusivity issues. They have supported our current council members 100 percent and always come out to speak for their issues. Dee

McLean is involved with a local school board and the relationship between that school board and the city may result in Bayside Elementary School giving way to commercial re-development plans. Fred is not found in many Internet searches because he is relatively new to the public eye. He is however beholden to the ladies who put him up for office, and to the political and development forces they endorse. They would not support him as a candidate unless he was devoted to supporting all of their policies. One of my old neighbors told me he was voting for Fred because "he goes to The Plank." I was shocked that my friend would use this as a criterion for voting someone into a powerful public office. I have been going to The Plank for 25-cent coffee since 1995. Fred and Dee ride up on their bikes, get their coffee and, like clockwork, retire to the pool room to read the newspaper. In nine years of having coffee at The Plank, Fred has never engaged me in conversation, nor can I remember him ever speaking

to anyone else. He just drinks the cheap (but good) 25-cent coffee and reads his paper. Although he may have served his country valiantly as a Marine, he is not a leader. He is a follower. If you vote for Fred McLean, you consent to let the ladies continue their reign. If you vote for Fred McLean and you are not rich or don't already own property in Imperial Beach, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and start making plans to move away now. This will be the last Imperial Beach election that you will vote in. You won't be able to afford to live here by the next election. Mayda Winter is a long time councilmember who has supported the policies of Mike Bixler, David Malcolm, Greg Cox and the Inzunzas for many years. She supported the Port taking our beachfront away as well as redevelopment which will prove to be a public menace as time goes on. Her conflicts of interest and shameful conduct at public meetings should be reason enough for any halfway intelligent person to vote for any other candidate !

Your vote for Winter will seal your fate. You will become one of the sheep going blindly to slaughter. Bill Medlock is a local businessman who invested savings to open a business in Imperial Beach. His past career involved high-tech corporate stuff that I couldn't even describe but Medlock has been around the block and understands how big corporations and small businesses operate. While Bill has been active in community events and his business Cowabunga Ice Cream has become a Pier Plaza icon, Medlock knows only too well how difficult it is for a small business to succeed in Imperial Beach. He rents his business location from the Port. His licensing and other business dealings are through the city. His involvement with the Chamber of Commerce and his personal knowledge of how difficult it is to deal with existing agencies that regulate business make him a great choice. To my knowledge, Medlock is not being

When proposed, it sounded like a perfect amenity for our community, but now we find out this building is not for everyone to use, but primarily Continued from page 3 for an elite few. Apparently, decisions of if it is for the good of Imperial who can use the building and whether or not they qualify to Beach. Most people in Imperial have the fees waived is deterBeach have never been in the mined by City Resolution new structure. The ground #2001-5512. On a recent public records floor serves as home for the search, I found that the lifeguards and the second floor boasts a beautiful ballroom Dempsey Holder Building has with immaculate wooden been officially used (on floors and a unique turnbuckle record) for 58 events. Of those system that eliminates and 58 events, fees for use of the vertical support beams. The building have been waived 51 large open ballroom also has a times. Fees have only been lounge and kitchen and is per- collected for seven events held fect for parties and meetings. at the public building and the


Chamber of Commerce has been charged twice for its use:($350 and $160). The Imperial Beach International Film Festival has been charged for its use ($830 and $1,110). Native American Management Services paid $1,425. San Diego Ataxia paid $120, but the city later supported their non-profit status. You already know the answer. This double standard which is implemented by our current council is discrimination and, to me, implies misuse of public funds. If you are a city group or a friend of the ladies on the council, it's a great place to have a cheap party so your home won't get trashed by your guests.

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