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In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section, with special directions for each part. PART 1. Question 1 to 3. Directions: For each question, you will see a picture in your test book and you will hear four short statements. These statements will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. When you hear the four statements, look at the picture in your test book and choose the statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer. Look at the sample below.

Now listen to the four statements. a. The motorcycles are parked at an outdoor parking lot. b. The motorcycles are displayed in the showroom to sell. c. The motorcycles are parked in an indoor parking hall. d. The motorcycles are kept at a service station to be repaired. A B C D Statement (c)”The motorcycles are parked in an indoor parking hall. “Best describes what you see in the picture. Therefore, you should choose answer (c).

1. Picture no 1

2. Picture no 2

3. Picture no 3

PART II. Questions and Responses. Questions 4 to 7. Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a question spoken in English, followed by four responses, also spoken in English. The question and responses will be spoken two times. They will not be printed on your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. You to choose the best response to each question. Now listen to a sample question. You will hear: X: Good morning John, How are you? You will also hear: a. I‟m fine, Thank you. Sample Answer b. I‟m in the living room. c. My name is John. d. No problem Therefore, you should choose answer (a) for best response. A B C D 4. Mark Your Answer on your answer sheet. 5. Mark Your Answer on your answer sheet. 6. Mark Your Answer on your answer sheet. 7. Mark Your Answer on your answer sheet

PART III. Question 8 to 11 Direction: in this part of the test, you will hear several short conversations. The conversations will not be printed in your test book. You will hear the conversations twice, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. In your test book, you will read a question about each conversation. The question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet.

8. What does the woman suggest? a. He has to work harder. b. He has to find another job. c. He should ask his manager for higher pay. d. He needs to get better payment 9. What does he order? a. Hamburger and tea b. Fries and coffee c. Hamburger and small order fries d. Hamburger and a large order of fries

10. Who did leave the message? a. Tino b. Dina c. Nina d. Mr Smith 11. Where does the woman work? a. a veterinarian‟s office b. a vegetables office c. a zoo d. a pedestrian

PART IV. Question 12 to 15. Direction: In this part of the test, you will hear several short talks. Each will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in you test book, so you must listen carefully to understand and remember what is said. In your test book, you will read two or more question about each short talk; each question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet. Questions no 12 and 13 refer to the following memo or message 12. Who did get short questionnaires? a. All manager b. All employees c. An employee d. A manager 13. What is the purpose of the questionnaires? a. To assess the survey b. To determine the need for training. c. To completed the document d. To measure the training Questions no 14 and 15 refer to the following story 14. How old was Erly released the first album? a. 8 years old b. 10 years old c. 20 years old d. 21 years old 15. What was Erly‟s first album called? a. “strong as steel” b. “strong as me” c. “never fail” d. “strongest”

Reading Section V. INCOMPLETE DIALOGUES Question 16 to 30 are incomplete dialogues. Four choices marked a,b,c,or d are given beneath each dialogue. You have to choose the one that best completes those dialogues 16. Andre : I need to book a room for this weekend. May I know the rate? Banu : ..... and which room would you like to have, single or double? Andre : Sure, my name is Andrea Thomas and I‟d like single room, please. a. Will you you put me through Mr. Brown? b. Can I talk to the manager? c. May I leave a message? d. May I know who‟s speaking? 17. Ticket service : ..... Ms. Eva : I want an Executive Class. Would you give me a seat by the window? Ticket Service : Sure, Ma‟am, here is your ticket. a. Would you take the business class? b. What kind of ticket do you need, Ma‟am? c. Where would you like to stay? d. When would you like to go? 18. A B : When he was young, he was a heavy smoker. : That‟s true, he ..... a lot of cigarettes but now he stops the bad habit. smokes smoked smoking used to smoke 19. Diana : I‟ll pick you up tomorrow. Pretty : Don‟t worry, I ..... ready before seven o‟clock a. will b. will to be c. am going to be d. am going to 20. Carlos : Look! That house is on fire! Teddy : Oh my God! I ... call the Fire Brigade immediately. a. is b. am c. are d. will 21. A B a. b. c. d. : ..... the lesson : Why don‟t you ask your teacher to explain it again? I really like I don‟t really like I really understand I didn‟t understand

22. A : I‟m worried that Jay will suffer from heart attack and lungs cancer. B : Why don‟t you tell him ..... smoking? a. stop b. to stop c. stops d. stopping 23. Ope : Did you know there was a huge earthquake two days ago. : I heard so. What was damaged?

a. b. c. d.



Toni Ope

a. b. c. d.

: All the public facilities and houses, people said. : When did the earthquake occur? : The earthquake occured when all people ..... in their own work places. Some people were injured and taken to the hospital. worked were working working will be working

a. b. c. d.

agreeing refusing giving making

27. Wendi : ..... are you so sad today, Dedy? Dedy : My Mom is sick. a. When b. Who c. Why d. Which 28. Tony : Why did the teacher get angry to you? Novy : I got five in my test. I ..... prepare myself because I ..... to the movie with my sister. a. b. c. d. didn‟t - went didn‟t - go don‟t - went don‟t - go

24. Sena

: Hello, Can I speak to Suci, please? Mailan : Hello,.....? a. who is coming? b. what are you talking? c. who‟s speaking? d. sorry, I‟m busy

25. Reza

: I need to talk to Yuni. Is she in? Jihan : I‟m so sorry, she is going out ..... ? a. could you help me b. could I leave a message c. could you leave a message d. I don‟t care with her

29. Siti speaks very soft,.....? a. does she b. doesn‟t her c. doesn‟t she d. isn‟t she 30. Your office isn‟t too far,.....? a. do you b. isn‟t it c. is it d. does it

26. Nouval

: Would you like to come to my party tonight? Anisa : Yes,sure. In the dialogue above, Nouval is ..... an invitation to Anisa to his party.

VI. ERROR RECOGNITION. DIRECTION: In questions 31 to 40, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A, B, C or D. You have to identify the underlined words or phrases that should be corrected or rewritten. 31. Human Resource is the the department which is deals with hiring, A B C promoting,transferring, and firing employees in a company. D 32. While the manager was dictating the letter, a guest came in and the telephone A B C rings. D 33. Wiranto call his mother and told her the radio news about the hurricane. A B C D 34. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing Badminton and go fishing in the lake. A B C D 35. The giant whose is also known as the Panda Bear or the Bamboo Panda is A B almost extinct because the bamboo forests where it lives are destroyed. C D 36. A year ago she looks so fat, but now she is very slim. A B C D 37. I know the game is enough difficult for me to play. A B C D 38. One of my hobbies are fishing in a small river near my village. A B C D 39. The girls have a lot of reasons not to come to the party tonight, haven‟t they? A B C D 40. The girls are accompanying them mother to buy some food for their uncle who A B C will visit them tonight. D

VII. READING COMPREHENSION. Questions 41 to 50 are based on selections of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question. Question 41 to 43 refers to the following TOYOTA CITY Toyota, a city in Japan, is on east central Honsu island, in central Aichi Prefecture on the Yahagi River, Toyota is the headquarter of the Toyota Motor Corporation and is the major automobile manufacturing and assembly center. A classic company town. It has a planned layout for its sprawling assembly plants, office complexes, and housing development for workers and their families. The city was formly named Koromo, meaning „clothing‟ and prospered from the late 19th century until the 1930s as a center of the silk industry. Its development as an automobile manufacturing center began with the opening of the first assembly plant in 1937. The city‟s name was changed to Toyota in 1959 after the second plant, Motomachi, was opened and the population began to grow rapidly. Population (2002) : 342,835. 41. What is the main idea of the text? a. The history of the Toyota City b. The geographical aspects of the Toyota City c. The production of the Toyota Motor Corporation. d. The families and workers of the Toyota Motor Corporation 42. What was of the old name of the Toyota City? a. Yahagi b. Honsu c. Koromo d. Motomachi 43. The word „their” in the sentence „it has a planned layout for its sprawling assembly plants office complexes, and housing development for workers and their families „refers to ... a. workers b. headquarters c. assembly plants d. housing developments Questions 44 to 45 refer to the following schedule LIBRARY HOURS CINTA BACA LIBRARY hours will go into as of July 1. During the summer period, full library services will be available during the following hours : Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 1 a.m-7 p.m Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 2 p.m-10 p.m Sunday Closed

Books that are not overdue may be returned through the book slot 24 hours a day. Requests for materials on interlibrary transfer may take up to one week to process. This schedule will be in effect from June 1 through August 31. 44. How many days a week will the library be opened during the summer? a. four b. five c. six d. seven 45. When can overdue books be returned? a. When the library is opened b. 24 hours a day c. Evening only d. After a week of processing Questions 46 to 47 are based on a selection of reading materials RED DEVILS PALACE 7 July 1991 Fax to : Alex Ferguson Fax number : 0101-202-55-1212 Dear Mr. Ferguson Thank you for your confirmation fax today, we take great pleasure in confirming your reservation of one superior double room on the evening of 28 july 1991. The charge of this room will be £. 150.00 inclusive of tax, newspaper, and continental breakfast. We look forward to welcoming you to Red Devils Palace. Your sincerely, Eric Cantona Reservation Manager 46. What is Red Devils Palace? a. A football club b. An office building c. A hotel d. A gym 47. Which is not included in the price of the room? a. Breakfast b. Tax c. Newspaper d. Dinner

Question 48 to 50 Ulfah : Hanif, (48) . . . . . . . . ? Hanif : I like travelling, Reading comics, and debating. How about you? Ulfah : (49) . . . . . . . . Have you ever visited Papua? Hanif : No, not yet, but I would like to. Ulfah : (50) . . . . . . . . Do you interested to join? Hanif : Sure. I‟m very excited. 48. A. What are you doing? B. What do you like to read? C. What are your Hobbies? D. What do you usually do? 49. A. I love travelling badly. B. I prefer staying at home to travelling C. I have no idea about it. D. Never think about it. 50. A. B. C. D. Papua is a wonderful country. Papua is rich of culture and beautiful scenery. Do you want to go there ? Next month I‟m going to go there


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