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Drug Name Drug Action Indication and Dosage Adverse Reaction Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynam

CNS: headache,
Inhibits DNA- fatigue,
dependent RNA Pulmonary drowsiness,
Rifampicin polymerase, thus behavioral Orally Rifampicin
(INN) is a impairing RNA changes, dizziness, administered inhibits DNA-
Adults: 600 mg P.O. or
bactericidal synthesis I.V. daily in single dose 1 mental confusion, Rifampin dependent RNA
antibiotic drug of (bactericidal). hour before or 2 hours generalized results in peak
numbness, ataxia. polymerase in
the rifamycin after meals. plasma bacterial cells b
Children older than age CV: shock.
group.[1] It is a EENT: visual concentrations binding its beta
5: 10 to 20 mg/kg P.O. or
semisynthetic disturbances, in about 2 to 4 subunit, thus
I.V. daily in single dose 1
compound hour before or 2 hours exudative hours. preventing
derived from after meals. Maximum conjunctivitis. Aminosalicycli
GI: epigastric
transcription to
Amycolatopsis daily dose is 600 mg. c acid may RNA and
Administration with other distress, anorexia,
rifamycinica nausea, vomiting, significantly subsequent
(formerly known antituberculotics is reduce
recommended. abdominal pain, translation to
as Amycolatopsis diarrhea, absorption of proteins. Its
mediterranei and flatulence, sore Rifampin, and
Meningococcal mouth and tongue,
lipophilic natur
Streptomyces carriers-- peak makes it a good
mediterranei). Adults: 600 mg P.O. or s colitis, concentrations candidate to tre
Rifampicin may I.V. q 12 hours for 2 days; may not be
or 600 mg P.O. or I.V.
pancreatitis. the meningitis
be abbreviated R, GU: reached. If form of
once daily for 4 days.
RMP, RD, RA, hemoglobinuria, these two drugs
Children ages 1 month hematuria, acute
or RIF (US). It is to 12 years: 10 mg/kg must be used which requires
renal failure,
also known as P.O. or I.V. q 12 hours for menstrual
concurrently, distribution to
rifaldazine, 2 days, not to exceed 600 they must be
mg/day; or 20 mg/kg once
disturbances. central nervous
R/AMP, and Hematologic: given system and
daily for 4 days.
Rofact (in Neonates: 5 mg/kg P.O.
eosinophilia, separately with penetration
Canada.) There thrombocytopenia, an interval of 8
or I.V. q 12 hours for 2 transient through the
are various types days. leukopenia,
to 12 hours blood-brain
of rifamycins hemolytic anemia. between barrier.
from which this Hepatic: administrations
is derived, but hepatotoxicity. . Rifampin acts
this particular Metabolic: directly on
form, with a 4- Musculoskeletal:
messenger RN
methyl-1- osteomalacia. synthesis. It
piperazinaminyl Respiratory: inhibits only
group, is by far shortness of breath, prokaryotic
the most wheezing. DNA-primed
Skin: pruritus,
clinically RNA
urticaria, rash.
effective. Other: flu polymerase,
syndrome, especially thos
discoloration of that are Gram-
body fluids, stain-positive,
such as
which is slight
such. In fact,
evidence show
that in vitro DN
treated with
5000 times
higher than
normal dosage
unaffected; in
vivo eukryotic
specimen's RN
and DNA
suffered few
problems as we

Category C: Either studies in animals have revealed adverse effects on the foetus
(teratogenic or embryocidal or other) and there are no controlled studies in women or
studies in women and animals are not available. Drugs should be given only if the
potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the foetus.