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I seek your permission for taking your valuable & precious time to narrate to you here about my interests in the literary, cultural & social areas as well as a short note on a registered State level Women's Foundation - the STHREE SHAKTHI MAHILA PRATHISHTANA TRUST - to which I am the Founder and President. BIODATA OF Mrs. S.MANGALA SATYAN [1] NAME Mrs. S. MANGALA SATYAN

[Kannada Novelist - and - President-in-Chief, STHREE SHAKTHI MAHILA PRATHISHTANA TRUST(Regd),MYSORE ] [2] DATE OF BIRTH 10-04-1940 [Tenth Day of APRIL, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty ]

[3] PLACE OF BIRTH HOLENARASIPUR,HassanDistrict, Karnataka State, INDIA [4] ADDRESS No. MIG-8, ~SREE GANESH`,.Third Stage, KHB Layout, , Kuvempunagar, MYSORE-570 023, India [5] WAP/WEBSITE (Internet) http://mangalasatyan.tripod.com (ii) http://sanmangala.peperonity.com (iii) http://mangala.bravehost.com (iv) http://satyamangala.tripod.com (v)http://www.ourkarnataka.com/kadambariloka/mangal asatyan/mangalasatyan.htm 3/3/2010 [iv] GOOGLE SEARCH the word MANGALA SATYAN. [6] E-MAIL ADDRESS mangala_mys@yahoo.co.in esmangala@gmail.com mangala_satyan@rediffmail.com [7] NATIONALITY [8] HUSBAND: - INDIAN [Mysore, Karnataka ]

- S.SATYANARAYANA, B.Sc., [Retired Government of India Officer ]


(1) HANADA MAGALU - 1968 [1st Edn]; 1976 [2nd Edn] (2) ARASI BANDAVALU - 1969 [1st Edn] (3) VISHADA ODALU - 1972 [1st Edn]; 1976 [2nd Edn]. {First published as a serial in KANNADA PRABHA, the popular Kannada Daily from Bangalore} [4] AAA MUKHA - 1972 [1st Edn]; 1975 [2nd Edn]; 1980 [3rd Edn]; 1981 [4th Edn]. { This novel of mine was first published as a Serial in the popular Kannada weekly PRAJAMATHA } [NOTE - This novel was made into a Kannada film by name ~BISILU BELADINGALU" ] (5) HOOVERADU KONEYONDU - 1973 [1st Edn]; 1981 [2nd Edn]. {This novel was first published as a serial in the popular Kannada weekly KARMAVEERA } (6) VANCHITHE - 1973 [1st Edn] (7) MUGDHA MAANAVA - 1973 [1st Edn]; 1977 [2nd Edn]. {This was first published as a serial in the popular Kannada Daily KANNADA PRABHA } [NOTE - This novel was made into a Kannada film by the same name ]

(8) NINAGAAGI- 1974 [1st Edn]; 1982 [2nd Edn]. (9) AADARSHA PURUSHA - 1974 [1st Edn]. (10) BHAGYA JYOTHI - 1975 [1st Edn]. [NOTE - The novel BHAGYA JYOTHI of MANGALA SATYAN was made into a Kannada film ] (11) BANGAARA BHOOSHITHE - 1976 [1st Edn]; 1980 [2nd Edn]. { This novel was first published as a serial in the popular Kannada Daily SAMYUKTHA KARNATAKA } (12) UDAARA SHEELA - 1977 [1st Edn ]. {The novel UDAARA SHEELA was first published as a daily serial in the popular Kannada Daily VISHALA KARNATAKA } (13) SWARGA SANNIDHI - 1977 [in a monthly magazine ]; 1980 [in book form ]. (14) ATHI MADHURA ANURAAGA - 1978 [1st Edn ]; 1985 [2nd Edn ]. (15) BHAASHEYA BANDHANA - 1979 [1st Edn ]; 1982 [2nd Edn ]. {The novel "Bhasheya Bandhana" was first published as a daily serial in the popular Kannada Daily JANAVAANI }

(16) AMRUTHA MAYEE - 1979 [in the magazine KATHAA SANGAMA ]; 1980 [ Book Form ]. (17) PREMA DUMBI - 1979 [ 1st Edn ].

(18) AASHA DEEPA - 1980 [ in the monthly magazine RAAGA SANGAMA]; 1995 [Book Form]. (19) PRANAYA THAANDAVA - 1981 [ in the monthly magazine RAAGA SANGAMA ]; 1995 [Book Form ]. (20) NAVA VASANTHA - 1981 [1st Edn ]. {The novel "Nava Vasantha" was first published as a weekly serial in the popular Kannada weekly PRAJAPRABHUTVA ].

(21) PUTHRA KAAMI - 1982 [ 1st Edn]. (22) CHITTU NUNGIDA CHITRA - 1983 [1st Edn in the monthly magazine AANANDA]. (23) AENO DAAHA, AENO MOHA - 1983 [1st Edn in the monthly magazine RAAGA SANGAMA ]. (24) MURALI GAANA, AMRUTHA PAANA - 1983 [1st Edn]; 1989 [2nd Edn]. {The novel MURALI GAANA AMRUTHA PAANA was first published as a monthly serial in the Kannada monthly MANJUVANI] and this was also made into a Kannada film in colour) (25) NEENILLADE NAANILA - 1984 [1st Edn in the monthly magazine RAAGA SANGAMA ]. (26) DEVA MANDIRA PREMA SAAGARA - 1985 [1st Edn]. {The novel "Deva Mandira Prema Saagara" was first published as a daily serial in the popular Kannada Daily SAMYUKTHA KARNATAKA }

(27) MAMATHEYA MADILU, PREETHIYA KADALU - 1986 [1st Edn]. (28) VONTI KAALINA VOTA - 1990 [1st Edn in the monthly magazine MAHILAA SANGAMA ]. (29) KULA DEEPAKA - 1991 [1st Edn]. {The novel KULA DEEPIKA was first published as a weekly serial in the popular Kannada Weekly MANGALA }

(30) AATA HORAATA - 1992 [1st Edn in the monthly magazine HAMSA RAAGA ]. (31) VODEYADA MUTTU - 1996 [1st Edn in the monthly magazine MALLIGE ]. (32) KUSUMAALE - serial broadcast by ALL INDIA RADIO, MYSORE. (33) NEMMADIYA NERALU - serial broadcast by all AIR Stations of KARNATAKA. (34) SANJEEVA - 2003 [1st Edn ] { First published as a daily serial in the popular Kannada Daily KANNADA PRABHA from 10-12-2001 for 84 days ]. [The novel SANJEEVA by Mangala Satyan in book form was released in the SMT.MANGALA SATYAN FELICITATION CELEBRATION held at Mysore on SUNDAY, 04-05-2003 ].

{{ As indicated against individual novels, most of them were first published as daily/weekly/monthly serials in leading Kannada periodicals and later published in book form }}


\\(3) Several single episodes telecast by BANGALORE

DOORDARSHAN. NOTE - The list of publications of MANGALA SATYAN will be updated from time to time. The list is now updated on 18th September 2011

MANGALA AND FILMS Apart from writing and publishing of Kannada Novels, FOUR NOVELS of mine have been filmed in Kannada. They are: BHAGYA JYOTHI - in 1975 MUGDHA MAANAVA - in 1977 AAA MUKHA with a change in the name to BISILU BELADINGALU MURALI GAANA AMRUTHA PAANA - in (to be released)

In addition, I have written DIALOGUES to the following TWO Kannada films: (1)HOOVONDU BAYKU BALLIGE; (2)SWATHI Also, I have contributed SCREEN PLAY and DIALOGUES for several TV serials and special episodes.


MEMBER, Executive Committee, Mysore District Kannada Sahithya Parishat, 1982 - 200 MEMBER, Editorial Board,Braile Script Magazine for Blind, 1987. MEMBER, Mysore District Children Welfare Committee, 1982-86. MEMBER, Cultural and Souvenir Committees, Mysore Dasara Exhibition, 1977-79. JOINT SECRETARY, Cultural Committee, Mysore Dasara Exhibition, 1979. JOINT EDITOR, Souvenir Editorial Committee, Mysore Dasara Exhibition, 1992. MEMBER, Books Selection Committee, District Central Library, Mysore, 1992 - to date (March 05).

MEMBER, Women and Children Sub-Committee, Mysore Dasara Exhibition, 1995 and 1996. MEMBER, DISTRICT CENTRAL LIBRARY AUTHORITY, Mysore, 1996 - to date (March 2005). Founder and PRESIDENT-in-CHIEF, Sthree Shakthi Mahila Prathishtana Trust(R),Mysore, Feb 98 PRESIDENT, KANNADA WRITERS´ GUILD, Mysore, 2005 [ unanimous selection in the recent GB meeting in support of Mangala Satyan becoming PRESIDENT ] Apart from the above Committees, MANGALA SATYAN has served as JUDGE for several LITERARY and CULTURAL competitions; also as MEMBER of several selection committees. Ranjana Kalaranga - written, directed exhibited dramas by children to encourage them to develop their hidden talents. Organizing Ability: Founded in February 1998 a mother service organisation - "Sthree Shakthi Mahila Prathishtana Trust" - to encourage and develop the hidden talents in them in the areas of literature, dance, music, drama, sports. Service to society in general and women - kind in particular is one of the main objectives of the Foundation. It has around 700 life members at present Editor of Souvenirs: 1. Mysore Dasara Souvenir, 1978-79 2. "Ila" 1992 - Souvenir of Mysore District Women Writers' Conference, Mysore, March 1992 3. "Yashaswini" 1995 - Souvenir of Yashaswini Mahila Sangha, July 1995

4. "Sthree Shakthi" July 1999 - Souvenir of Sthree Shakthi Mahila Prathishtana Ist Anniversary. 5. "Sthree Shakthi" 2000 - Directory of Sthree Shakthi Mahila Prathishtana Members, Vol.1. In All India Radio: Several short stories written by Mrs. Mangala Satyan have been broadcast by AIR (Mysore) with her own reading. The following dramas written by her have been broadcast by AIR: 1. "Sambandha" (1992): The same was translated into Hindi and broadcast from Delhi Station of AIR under the name "Rishtey". 2. "Devara Koogu" (1993) 3. "Saha Charye" (1994) The following novels have been serialised in AIR, Mysore, with her own reading: 1. "Deva Mandira, Prema Sagara" (From 13.09.1987 for 10 weeks) 2. "Athi Madhura Anuraaga" (From 07.04.1996 for 13 weeks) "Panchaalige Banda Paramathma", a short story drama version of this was broadcast from AIR, Bangalore. Felicitations, Honours and Awards: 1. "Attimabbe Award" - Attimabbe Prathishtana (R), Bangalore on 02.01.2000

2. "Saahithya Kalaa Prapoorne" - Kannada Maathru Seva Sangha (R), Bangalore, on 30.11.1976 3. "Kaadambari Rathna" - Kannada Geleyara Balaga, Kalidasa Road, Mysore, on 21.11.1984 4. "Saahithya Kalaa Sharade" - Naagarika Seva Samithi, Mysore, on 30.11.1984 5. "Kalaa Kesari" - Kannada Rajyothsava Samithi", Mysore, on 22.11.1986 6. "Saahithya Rathna" - Sowrabha Prakashana, Bannur, on 15.11.1995 7. "Mysore Rathna" - Mysore Rathna Samskruthika Prathishtana, Mysore, on 25.12.2001; and several more. 8. Civic Reception and Felicitation & Presentation of Felicitation Volume "Sathyamangala", on 04.05.2003: Smt. Mangala Satyan was unanimously selected as President of the 6th District Kannada Sahithya Sammelana, held at Shravanabelagola, Hassan District, during May 2526, 2002 {http://www.ourkarnataka.com/kadambariloka/mangala satyan/mangalasatyan.htm 3/3/2010} Unpublished and enacted Dramas: 1. "Maduve Maslat" 2. "Dheerodatta Kamsa" 3. "Bhoja Kalidasa" - serialised in Bangalore Dooradarshan 4. "Surya" - unpublished and serialised in Bangalore Dooradarshan.

MANGALA SATYAN as President of the CONFERENCE It was on 25th and 26th of May, 2002, the Sixth Hassan District Literary Conference was held at Shravanabelagola (in Hassan District). Smt. S. Mangala Satyan, Kannada Novelist and President of Sthree Shakthi Mahila Prathishtana Trust, Mysore, was unanimously selected to Chair the Conference ( as President of the Conference that year) on both the days. Delivering the Presidential address at the two day District Kannada Sahithya Sammelana at Shravanabelagola, Smt.S.Mangala Satyan said that the sammelanas at all-India, State, District and Taluk level had become common, but rate at City or Village level The village and City level Kannada organizations which conduct rajyothsavas can perform the same as Kannada Sammelana (Kannada Conference) every year with discussions on Kannada literary programmes, she added. The District and State units of the Kannada Sahithya Parishat can assist (financially and otherwise) these organizations in conducting Conferences.

The second session related to the seminar. The Seminar and the Felicitation Celebration was inaugurated by Shri C. Dasegowda and Shri Ichanur Kumar, Sub-Editor of Vijaya Karnataka was the Chief Guest. The speakers were Prof.B. Shasmasundar, Smt. B.R. Nagarathna and Smt. Vani Subbaiah, and this Session was Chaired by Smt. Mangala Muddumadappa, Lecturer. The Session was anchored by Smt. Kiran Shankar.

In the afternoon at 6.00 PM, Smt.Mangala Satyan was felicitated with the title "SARTHAKA SEVA BHOOSHITHE' , and this part of the programme was chaired by Shri A. Ramadas, ex-Member of the Legislature Party, Government of Karnataka.

CONTACT ADDRESS: Residence: MIG-8, “Sree Ganesh”, Third Stage, KHB Layout, Kuvempunagar, MYSORE-570023 e-MAIL: (1) mangala_mys@yahoo.co.in (2) esmangala@gmail.com (3) mangala_satyan@rediffmail.com (4) mangala@mangala40.zzn.com Phone: Landline: 0821-2462310; Mobile: 9448434550