RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE Dear Respondent, This research work is a survey on self-concept and academic performance of secondary school

in Chemistry. Please respond accurately and truthfully as information supplied will be strictly confidential and will not be revealed under any circumstances. Thank you. Instruction: Please indicate your response by filling the gaps, marking or circling which ever option is appropriate to the following statements and please ensure that any score recorded corresponds with that already supplied by your chemistry teacher. SECTION A: Socio-Economic Characteristics 1. Name:_______________________________________________________________ 2. Gender: Male ( ) Female ( ) 3. Class i. SS1 ( ) ii. SS2 ( ) iii. Others ( ) 4. My last test score in chemistry was above 50% of the total score: i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( ) 5. If Yes, indicate the exact exam score as truthfully as possible:____________________ 6. My last exam score in chemistry was above 50% of the total score: i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( ) 7. If Yes, indicate the exact exam score as truthfully as possible:____________________ 8. Indicate your overall position/grade in class in the last promotional exam:___________ Instruction: Please indicate by marking an ‘X’ on which ever option is appropriate to the following statements: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Indifferent, Agree or Strongly Agree represented by SD, D, I, A, SA SECTION B: Self-Concept and Academic Performance in Chemistry S/N Rank 1 2 3 4 5 Options SD D I A SA 1 I devote more time to chemistry than other subjects 2 I find many chemistry problems interesting and challenging 3 I like chemistry as a subject 4 I am an imaginative person and can often see better ways of doing routine tasks 5 I have hesitated to take exercises that involve understanding of chemistry 6 I am good at combining ideas in ways that others have not tried 7 I have generally done better in chemistry courses than in other courses 8 I hate studying for many academic subjects. 9 I am never able to think up answers to problems that haven’t already been figured out 10 I have a poor vocabulary. 11 I can follow the lessons easily 12 I day-dream a lot in class 13 I am able to help my classmates in their schoolwork 14 I often do my homework without assistance 15 If I work hard, I think I can go to the Polytechnic or University 16 I pay attention to my teachers during lessons 17 Most of my classmates are smarter than I am 18 I study hard for my tests and exams and to do my assignments 19 I am usually interested in my schoolwork 20 My teachers feel that I am poor in my work 21 I often forget what I have learnt

my verbal skills are quite good I have a lot of intellectual curiosity I learn quickly Chemistry topics I am good at expressing myself I am an imaginative person I have no interest in being a chemist or any other scientist I could never achieve academic honors.22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 I am willing to do my best to pass all the subjects I get frightened when I am asked a question by my teachers I often feel like quitting school I am good at most of my school subjects I am always waiting for the lessons to end I always do poorly in tests I do not give up easily when I am faced with a difficult question in my schoolwork I am able to do better than my friends in most subjects I am not willing to put in more effort in my schoolwork Chemistry makes me feel inadequate I wish I had more imagination and originality I am an avid reader I enjoy working out new ways of solving problems I am quite good at Chemistry I do not do well on tests that require a lot of verbal reasoning ability I am not very good at problem solving I have trouble understanding anything that is based upon Chemistry Relative to most people. even if I worked harder 2 .